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Jan 18, 2010 01:16 PM

Las Vegas on the Strip - Bachelorette Weekend

Hi there,

I'm looking for recommendations for meals on the Strip for a Bachelorette Weekend.

Specifically, I am looking for 2 dinners and 2 brunch / lunch locations for a group of 8 to 10 girls.

I'm trying to be very budget conscious for everyone, so my $ targets for food (not alcohol) are $30 for dinner and $20 for brunch /lunch. Please disregard drink pricing, as that's always variable by person in our group. Also, for convenience, we definitely want places on the Strip. We are staying at Caesar's Palace.

We would love some fun, upbeat and lively restaurants for the evenings and some yummy brunch / lunch spots for the day.

Your recs would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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  1. Cafe Ba Ba Reeba in the Fashion Square Mall might fit the bill well for one of your dinners. Tapas, sangria, wine, small plate desserts, etc. Lots of different spaces for groups of your size. The better breakfast places on the strip might be a little past your range, but Tableau at the Wynn and the Verandah at the Four Seasons/Mandalay Bay are worth checking out, although entrees almost reach the $20 limit. Might a breakfast buffet work?

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      I second Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. I was there with a bachelor party group last year of about 8. If you don't mind eating earlier they have a happy hour with half price tapas and sangria. It's the perfect amount of food and great drinks to start the evening!

    2. Cafe Ba Ba Reeba is my favorite. I was able to have 2 or 3 small bites, the special paella, a coconut cake dessert and two sangrias for about $30 with tax and tip. And I was alone and wasn't sharing dishes so you can do a lot with a group. I love that the desserts are perfect size so you can have a dessert and not feel stuffed.

      T & T at Luxor was above average and had a very good pomegranate margarita. It is open and overlooks the hotel flooor so you can people watch. I went alone at lunch but it looks like the kind of place that would come alive at night.

      For breakfast, I love Tintoretto's Bakery at the Venetian. I've eaten there and at the cafe next door. But my idea of breakfast is great coffee, a pastry, fruit and a breakfast meat. I also like JJ's Boulangerie in Paris but that is a cafeteria. I like their waffles.

      Some people highly recommend Peppermill for late night or breakfast. I personally think it is an overrated Denny's. I had a bad fruit salad there once and overall have just not been impressed. But others love it.

      1. Ba Ba Reeba a great idea, as is Sunday brunch at Verandah at Four Seasons.

        Dinner at a nice place is tough for $20-30...

        I'd play up the fact that you're bringing 8-10 chicas to go out clubbing. In other words, pick which club you are going to, make a table reservation there or at least call and talk to someone there, then link the dinner res'n to the fact that you'll bring the guys in at the club. Emailing a group photo can't hurt, either, it makes it personal and (no offense, but it's true) lets the host know "who" will be in the club. Comp'ing food is nothing if you girls will be drawing 20-30 guys into the club, eager to buy you drinks and spend $400 on a bottle (or five!) of vodka.

        You can also try the casino host, who may be able to direct you to someone willing to help. Of course, start with the place where you are staying...

        Good luck, you should be able to have a great weekend here as long as you plan a little.