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Jan 18, 2010 01:12 PM

Boston hounds with lunch Q upper west side

My husband and I make it down to NY every 18 months or so, and we will be in town for a couple days in early Feb. I've already scanned the board and drawing on your posts and some geographical constraints, we've reserved for supper at Market Table one day and lunch at Jean-Georges the next.

I've found it harder to search for this kind of thing, tho: when we get in near noon, not in the mood for much effort, we'll be dropping off luggage near Columbus/75th. Does anything come to mind nearby that is the kind of lunch place about which you'd say things like "doesn't look like much, but they have the greatest pho!" or "really delicious pupusas" or "it's just soups, but you've gotta have this experience"?? Lower end but interesting?

Also -- any breakfast recs in that neighborhood?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you are willing to head up to 87th & Amsterdam for breakfast one day, I'd heartily recommend Barney Greengrass for lox, bagels, whitefish, etc.

    1. For breakfast try "good enough to eat" 82nd ish and Amsterdam... not the best pancakes ever... but pretty damn good. Or go to breakfast at the cafe at Fairway, Broadway and 74th (upstairs at the supermarket)

      The Shake Shack is at 77th and Columbus... I happen to love their burgers (your mileage may vary)

      1. Salumeria Rosi is right around the corner on Columbus betw. 74th and 75th.

        Perhaps best described as Tuscan tapas. Half sit-down, half take-out. Great salumi, but lots of marvelous small dishes. Great place to just hang out, order a bottle of wine, and keep ordering small plates until you're full.

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          This suggestion made me get up and hold the laptop over the sink so my husband could read the PDF of the assaggi di salumi menu while finishing the dishes!

          Thanks all who've answered so far -- keep 'em coming!

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            Salumeria Rossi really is good, in my opinion. Has some naysayers on the board, but I've enjoyed everything I've eaten there, even if there are things (such as the beet salad) that were good but that I wouldn't order again. There are a number of threads about it on the board, in case you want to investigate further. (P.S. I keep wanting to make fesenjan for my husband - I guess this is the season for it!)

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              Apologies. I said Columbus. It's on Amsterdam. But the between 74th and 75th is correct. (I think.) :-)

              1. re: JoanN

                I think it's actually between 73rd & 74th.

                1. re: MMRuth

                  Oy gevalt! It's somewhere in the neighborhood. Right?

                  1. re: JoanN

                    It is indeed! And, of course, Jacques Torres is right next door.

          2. Many thanks to all of you who made suggestions. We ended up breakfasting at Cafe at Fairway, but will hang on to those other 2 ideas for next time. Salumeria Rosi was lovely for lunch -- the escarole and spicy anchovy dish blew us away - and the next day with less time we grabbed some great non-greasy falafel at Soomsoom (which we found in another post).

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              Just saw this thread for the first time. You made very good choices, glad you enjoyed!