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Jan 18, 2010 12:54 PM

Brunch Reception (MSP)

Looking for a reception venue for about 75 people. Brunch menu. Can either be plated or buffet. But...and here's the thing...nothing remotely nondescript hotel ballroom-like.

For example, Forepaugh's is one option we are considering. They will give us an entire floor. Nicollet Island Inn is a back up option because we are relegated to the basement there.

I don't believe Mill City has enough seating.

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  1. I am going to recommend Ngon Bistro because I always recommend Ngon Bistro in these situations. No one I know has ever tried it and reported back on it, but awhile back they had a note on their website saying their dining room could be reserved for groups up to (I think) 150.

    So, I'm going to throw it out there just in case this suits you and it might work. You never know.

    If no one tries it out soon, I might have to invent an occasion and just to have all of my friends over to Ngon Bistro and see how it works out myself!

    Whatever your occasion, I hope you right the right place. Have fun!


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      Thanks, TDG. I've been to Ngon a number of times. I'm having trouble coming to a conclusion on two things -- that the space is truly large enough, and that that many people can be served timely. But I suppose I could be wrong about both.

    2. For our wedding reception, we had Signature Cafe recreate their award winning, reservations only brunch. (Dara Moskowitz pretty much reprinted an email I had sent her as Citypage's "Best Brunch" description. The demand overwhelmed them, and they stopped serving it alltogether.) The weekend after our wedding, they did the brunch again as a fundraiser for Al Franken. The $100/plate at that affair was a lot more than we paid. :-)

      If their restaurant can seat 75, I couldn't give a higher recommendation. For our September wedding, we told Nathalie to make whatever she wanted using fresh and local ingredients. It was so good that 2+ years later, family still talks about it (and demand to be taken to Signature Cafe for dinner whenever they are in town.) We had their "Berry French Toast" which is really more like a bread pudding, a Strata with Chard. Eggs Benedict, Salmon, Tomato Salad, Sausage Patties, a potato dish, a dessert tower, and apple crisp made with apples from Nathalie's backyard. There might have been other stuff too.

      If their space is big enough, definitely pursue it. It is much more like having brunch at a neighbor's house (especially given their location in a residential neighborhood) than at a stuffy restaurant or nondescript hotel ballroom.

      1. you could get one of the rooms at w.a. frost.

        or maybe jax cafe?

        do you have a price range?

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        1. re: soupkitten

          Price not that big a factor. And I can see what Frost and Jax have for rooms. Thanks.

          1. re: Brad Ballinger

            Frost has some lovely space, although, for a group that big, you'll probably get relegated to the basement. It doesn't feel that basement-y, though. It's pretty nice.


        2. What about the Minnesota History Center, catering by Bon Appetit, which isn't amazing, but it's not horrible either. [EDIT: Normally, I'm all about the chow, but in the case of this rec, it's the space itself I find so enchanting.]


          1. I think Mill City would have enough seating (we looked into having them as our dinner reception site for 90-100). They cater through D'Amico which in turn caters other venues around town such as the Calhoun Beach Club, Russian Museum, etc. The Blaisdell Mansion is catered by 3 Sons. We also looked into the Hennepin Co. Library downtown, which is a great space (I can't remember who catered it). The Walker offers a room with great windows that's catered by Puck's restaurant. And the Loring Pasta Bar, despite having very mediocre food, has a great space.