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Jan 18, 2010 12:27 PM

Great perch dinner in the Detroit area?

Point me there

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  1. Yer in luck. There's a discussion on this very topic happening now.

    1. There are PLENTY of pretenders who want to influence a visit...

      But there is only one Pat O'Brien's in St Clair Shores.

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      1. re: RedTop

        pat's is an east side legend.

        i have not been since they changed owner's in 2005, but terry's terrace in harrison twsp used to be pretty good, too.

        1. re: xman887

          Nothing about the kitchen has changed, xman. Owners have been very energetic.

          You should give it a try when you're back in the area.

      2. Always thought Rocky's of Northville had excellent perch dinners. It is on 7 mile.

        1. Caucus Club, downtown. Probably a little pricier than most places, but awesome perch, plus you get the "this is where Barbra Streisand was discovered" stories. Haven't been there myself, but have also heard from what I would consider to be reliable sources that Ivanhoe's perch is outstanding. Ivanhoe is also frequently called the Polish Yacht Club by locals.

          1. Speedboat Bar in Wyandotte...only served on Fridays. Best perch I have ever eaten in my life, but it's been at least 15 years since I have been there, so things may have changed, but I sure hope not. It's the kind of place where things don't change much. People line up every Friday for it. Also need to mention (if you are up to a drive) the Bay Port Inn in Bay Port, in the thumb. Great perch dinner, too. And stop at Bay Port Fish Company and buy some perch to make at home. I did last summer when I was camping up there and it was fantastic! They are open April - Nov, though, so call ahead first.