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Jan 18, 2010 10:39 AM

small, eclectic, cozy setting?

I'm looking for restaurant suggestions that are not the enormous venues like Zaytinya (although I love that place). What are some smaller, more intimate rooms (could be part of something larger, but somehow separated). For those who might understand, I'm thinking of something similar to the bar area of Chez Henri in Cambridge, MA, which also had its own Cuban-themed menu. It had a few small tables, was separate from the big open dining room, was warm, dark and cozy on a winter evening. I'm describing the atmosphere more than the food. Something good for a couple, or maybe a few close friends to gather and be able to chat without being lost in a huge crowd or echoing dining room..

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  1. Two suggestions:
    The wine bar upstairs at Bistrot Lepic in Georgetown. Small, good menu and wine, comfortable.
    Bar Pilar on 14th near U. Surprisingly good food for a neighborhood "bar". Can get noisy late with people drinking more than eating but earlier a real gem.

    1. New Heights is pretty small, and very good. I thought it felt very cozy. And with a nice gin bar downstairs and creative food coming out of the kitchen I would say it could be eclectic. We had four the other night and even during RW it was great for conversing.

      1. I would check out Bistro D'Oc, Cashion's Eat Place, Darlington House, Tabard Inn, or Creme. All have smaller, more intimate dining rooms with great food.

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        1. I second bistro d'oc. i also would suggest looking into mourayo (though it can be a bit noisy). Ulah bistro would also be a good pick.

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            I did like the food and concept at mourayo quite a bit. It was relatively quiet when I went, but we might have been there a bit later than the usual dinner hour.

          2. 1905 on 9th Street should fit the bill. Very warm. I also think that Saint Ex's dining room is very comfortable.