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Jan 18, 2010 10:35 AM

Vegetarian Dining Suggestions in Northern Italy in June

Wondering if you would share the most amazing, delectable vegetarian dishes or meals you've experienced in Northern Italy, particularly the Piemonte and Trentino-Alto Adige regions.

I LOVE locally-sourced, fresh, creative, healthy vegetarian cuisine, and want to eat it and lots of it on an upcoming cycling/eating trip to Italy.

Extra bonus points for spectacular settings and/or great wine accompaniment or even infusion (e.g. Risotto al Barolo).

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Ristorante Joia in Milan. Unbelievable.

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    1. re: mbfant

      In my experience being vegetarian inclined and living in Piedmont, its quite easy to get delicious dishes at any of our many fabulous trattorie or osterie without meat. OK some small restaurants may not have a vegetarian secondi, but you can won't feel hungry after going through a couple of the region's famous anti-pasti, and a plate of home-made pasta or risotto for primo, and don't forget to leave room for the dolce!

      Spectacular settings? Any small town in the Monferrato or Langhe. Wine accompaniment? Are you kidding in Piemonte?

      1. re: Villasampaguita

        Not to mention some spectacular cheese offerings in Piedmont if you are not too strict on the vegetarian (probably most have rennet).

        1. re: Villasampaguita

          I think of risotto as a vegetarian dish, but when I make it at home, I use chicken stock as well as wine. How would you ask if a risotto in a restaurant is made with chicken stock or vegetable broth or just water?

          1. re: AprilTwoCats

            If you just simply say "con brodo di carne?" you will be asking whether or not it contains the meat stock and then you can decide.

          2. re: Villasampaguita

            Is bagna cauda ever served with an all vegetable "bath" or are there always anchovies?

            1. re: AprilTwoCats

              Traditionally it is made with anchovies, but you can ask as I do believe some people make it without.