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Jan 18, 2010 10:35 AM

Nothing 'Wow's" me about you?

Maybe I've lost my taste for food but nothing has thrilled me in a long time.

I had a very good steak at Pellana in Peabody recently but nothing has really wowed me in a long long time. I've had some good meals in the past year but Prezza was my last truely memorable dining experience.

I like the usual suspects...I enjoy steaks, seafood, Italian, Asian...even something as simple as a great burger...a good sandwidch or a nice pizza would do.

Anything wowed you lately?

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  1. I go to S&I almost once a week and I always walk out of there feeling surprised and delighted. Just go and point at something exciting-looking (on the wall, or in the picture menu) and have them make it for you.

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      1. I'd been feeling that particular malaise lately, too. But then we went to Habesha in Malden on Saturday night, and I was totally wowed. It's definitely not in the "usual suspects" category of dining, so may not be what you're looking for. But it snapped me out of my dining drudgery!

        Another spot that impressed me lately that may be more in the vein you're seeking is L'Andana in Burlington. I had a really tasty steak there two weeks ago. My husband had meatballs in a Madeira sauce that were tender and delicious. He didn't love his carpaccio appetizer (too heavy-handed on the truffle oil), but my app of prosciutto and fresh mozzarella with smoked tomato balsamic glaze was very nice. The apps were big enough to share - should have just got the one.

        Good luck with your search!

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        1. re: Eatin in Woostah

          Thanks for your Habesha recommendation. We went on Saturday and it was great -- another star for Malden!

          1. re: WilderPenfield

            I'm so glad! We were at Fuloon on Saturday for the first time. Just ate my leftover wok baked beef. Mmmmmmm.

        2. I think we all feel like that on occasion. When I do, I turn to my home kitchen and go for the good old fashioned comfort foods (i.e. beef stew, meat loaf, mac & cheese). That said, I had a lovely beef wellington at Marliave recently. Maybe it was the suprise of finding this dish on the menu on a late afternoon, or the wine that complimented it, but when I left the restaurant, I felt happy!

          1. Fancier: Coppa's combination of great charcuterie, outstanding pastas, hot small plates, various crudi, and inventive cocktails; the wood-oven pizza's not bad, either. Erbaluce's creative, original take on Northern Italian cuisine. Bistro du Midi's luxe but relatively affordable (for the location) Proven├žal fare. The bargain-priced two-course prix fixe at Locke-Ober, though that deal might be over.

            Cheaper: Traditional tacos and great weekend soups at Taqueria Jalisco. Fabulous falafel at Fordee's. Desi Chinese dishes at Indian Dhaba. Chicken cemita at Dorado. Pork gyros at Zo. Osso bucco milanese special at Rino's Place. Coq au vin at Bon Savor. Rabbit stewed in white wine and herbs (special) at O Senhor Ramos. Goat curry roti at Ali's Roti. Wood-oven pizza at Fiorella's.

            I'm still encountering a fair amount of so-so food, but I also regularly taste dishes that make me beam and start planning my next return visit before I've even left.


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            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Really liked the Bucatini with duck sausage, cauliflower, garlic and asiago cheese at Rendezvous in Central Square last night. My first visit there, and I'll be back.

              1. re: MC Slim JB

                Beacon Hill Bistro was unexpectedly excellent when I went there several months ago and very comfortable in its way. The Druid never disappoints--almost anything on their menu will perk you up (chicken soup, burger, amazing veggieburger, fish and chips). Winter here is always a bit tough, but nothing that some Chongqing Chicken and Ants on a Tree from Zoe's can't help with.

                1. re: hckybg

                  things I am always happy to eat: the steamed pork dumplings and lion's head meatballs at Shanghai Gate, anything at Erbaluce's so far, the cauliflower and calamari at Lucca's on Huntington, sweetbreads at La Voile, and the frisee salad at ESK. Love the burgers at the Washington Square Tavern too and the donna kebab sandwich at Family Restaurant.

                2. re: MC Slim JB

                  good call on the indo-chinese food at indian dhaba

                  1. re: galangatron

                    I think it was your tip on Chowhound that led me to Indian Dhaba!


                3. The "Sakura Smoked HAMACHI Sashimi served in Smoky Glass" at Oishii in the South End. We ordered it last week and it absolutely knocked my socks off. It's four slices of fish that arrive in a tall glass atop several tiny smoking pieces of cherry wood. They take the lid off the glass and plumes of the most deliciously scented smoke waft upwards and towards you, flavoring the fish itself and also contributing to the flavor as you breathe it in. In addition to the wonderful smoky flavor, they must glaze the fish with something sweet because there's a layering of flavors. I just wish it weren't so pricey: about $20, maybe $22. I would love to see this kind of preparation in other restaurants. Playing off the sense of smell like that is genius. Dramatic too.