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Jan 18, 2010 10:10 AM

Something like Sel Gris in Portland since they are closed?

I have searched through past posts. I went onto all websites and finally picked Sel Gris to find out its closed!! I liked the sound of the chef and sitting by the bar watching him cook and yelling to the waiters to get the food while its hot. So anything else like that??

What is Clyde Common like? and how much of a wait would we have on a saturday night since they don't take reservations?

I am thinking about Paley's Place or something like it? Want a more bistro type place with good food and bar with friendly bartenders and good drinks.

Ten 01 and Toro Bravo looked good but maybe too fancy of atmosphere and food??

It's my husbands 60th b'day (and believe me we have to celebrate he is alive today....drove BMW motorcycle he bought in Coeur d Alene yesterday to Leavenworth where we live in rain and at the end snow.....what was he thinking?...)

We are leaving friday for Portland (in the car!) and his b'day is Saturday. Thanks for any help of a great, fun place!

By the way we are staying in Tigard area to do some shopping (apple store, new mac) and I thought maybe Cafe Mingo might be good for friday night?

We like northwest cuisine and pasta and husband doesn't like seafood.

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  1. Since I got no replies I made res for Paley's Place on the birthday Sat. and Cafe Mingo on friday since we are staying near there. Will report back on how it goes.

    I found more posts of people asking the same question after I posted so maybe thats why no one answered. It's have so much past stuff on here I get the drift!

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      Are you referring to Mingo in Beaverton or Caffe Mingo on NW 21st in Portland? Both under same ownership, but totally different atmosphere. The menus have some nice overlap, but not everything is served in both locations. IMO the original Caffe Mingo is superior for the atmosphere, location (If you have to wait for your table head next door to Bar Mingo for a cocktail), and the fact that Michael the owner is almost always there ensuing a fab experience. Not to say I have not enjoyed Mingo when I am out on that side of town. I hope you have a gre time. Paley's is a nice choice as well. PS: There is a MAC store downtown as well (Pioneer Place).

      1. re: leavenworthgal

        Paley's is a great choice for BD.
        You are right in guessing the reasons for the lack of replies. Always the wise thing to do your own research first, ask questions later. I enjoy your cheery attitude about that...
        TB is not at all fancy atmosphere, at least to me anyway. As for the food being too fancy for you, I can't speak for your taste. It's one of my favorite places though.
        Best drinks would be Teardrop, Beaker & Flask, Clyde, and Ten01.
        Have a great weekend!

        1. re: Leonardo

          Paley's is a great choice for a meal in Portland., we also love Fenouil in the Pearl District. Let us know how it goes and I hope you have a great celebration! :)

      2. I'd recommend Beast or Le Pigeon as worthy alternatives. Beast may be a problem as you don't have a choice on what's served. Check the menu for the week and see if it suits you.

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        1. re: senomoto

          I'll second Le Pigeon, we had a fantastic meal there. The Beef Bourginon was amazing, menus change seasonally, the food is innovative and the chef is very creative. Great place! :)

        2. Reporting back and if I was to give letter grades Mingo would get A- and Paley's Place B+.

          The food was good at Paley's Place but better at Mingo and service great at both places. We had reservations and got good seats both times. Partly that could be because I told them it was husbands 60th on Sat.

          Will have to try Mingo downtown next since we liked it in Beaverton, that is the one we went to since we were staying in Tigard (and I got my apple and that store is great!)

          Husband had Oso Buco at Mingo and said it is best he has had anywhere (and we have been a lot great places) I loved the rabbit ravoli at Paley's, the sauce was perfect and light. While their choc. souffle was great, I haven't found anyone to beat Va da Vi in Walnut Creek, CA where we lived for a year 5 yrs ago.