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Jan 18, 2010 10:01 AM

Soho Suggestions?

I've got an upstate visitor who wants to see Soho. Any thoughts on dinner? Thanks!

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      sorry, everybody! I wrote that first post too fast. She has never been to Soho, so wants to get the flavor of it -- I, on the other hand, can't really go above say $45 per person. Almost any cuisine is good (probably not sushi). Thansk for the suggestions so far!

    2. Totally depends on atmosphere but we have really enjoyed the quirkiness and definitely the food at The Kitchen Club. Not a big night out/fancy place but definitely has some charm.

      1. Raoul's. Blue Ribbon Brasserie.

        1. emporio is great. if you go during the week they have a great happy hour, 2 for 1 at the bar with free snacks from 5-7. you can have drinks then sit or have drinks then move on to a different place for food although they serve excellent stuff. lure fishbar also has a great happy hour special.

          i haven't been in years but boom was always good. soho park is also relatively priced but food is nothing fancy.

          1. I would recommend Peasant for Italian (technically Nolita, but close) or Boqueria for upscale tapas. There is also Sora Lella (Roman) which I have been meaning to try. At least one Chowhounder has had positive things to say about it.


            Unfortunately I believe Kitchen Club, recommended by one poster has recently closed.