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Jan 18, 2010 09:34 AM

getting sick -- need chicken soup rec.

alright folks, need your help.

i'm feeling a cold coming along and i want to tackle it the old-fashioned way -- with a steaming bowl of chicken soup (i guess any soup is okay, but chicken soup in particular would be swell). as i'm getting sick, i don't feel like crossing the city too much today. i work up in the mile-end, and plateau and chinatown are okay as well.

any suggestions?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Beauty's used to make great chicken soup, but I'm not sure it's a regular menu item or a soup of the day sorta thing. Call first.

      1. I can't suggest places in the MEnd or Plateau, but in Chinatown I love the broth in Pho Bang NY's soups. Try a large chicken pho (a small is way enough, but that way you'll have enough broth for a soup tomorrow!). For take-out, the broth is in one sturdy container, the chicken and noodles / veggies in another one, with hot sauce, bean sprouts, a lime quarter and a good amount of thai basil on the side. That way it's not soggy and you can combine everything when you get home.
        Pho Bang NY
        1001 St-Laurent

        This thread might be of help too:

        Take care!