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Jan 18, 2010 08:42 AM


I heard that they are open. Has anyone been yet and what did you think.

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  1. as of friday night, they were not...unless they had some kind of soft opening over the weekend. my guess is by the end of the month.

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    1. re: BoDubya

      Last I heard it was planned for the end of the month ... right around my birthday!!! Woohoo!!!

      1. re: MC Slim JB

        I heard they opened on Wednesday. Any reports?

      2. Stoddard's had a media party last Weds, should be open to the public any day now. They weren't fully operational at the party: beer taps along the long bar (and a lot of taps -- maybe a couple of dozen, but I wasn't counting) were still unmarked. But they promise to have an extensive craft beer selection. It should be the place for suds-lovers to go in Downtown Xing. The room is certainly handsome in a faux-prohibition era kind of way. It's dominated by a huge carved wooden mantel (mantel may not be the best word) behind the bar, which I was told was especially made by Brunswick (the pool table manufacturer) in England. There were a couple of little balcony areas, one of which was occupied by a jazz combo for the occasion (I was told they were salvaged from the old Filene's). They served oysters and appetizers, which were OK, but nothing blew me away. The bartenders were serving a limited cocktail menu. A Maker's Mark manhattan was quite good, but came with a day-glo cherry, which seems an immediate tip-off that this joint won't rank with the best cocktail bars in Boston. But I'm not passing judgment yet. Everyone working there was friendly and enthusiastic and at the least Stoddard's looks like it will be a fun place to grab a beer and a bite.
        On an unrelated note, I couldn't help but noticing that the nearby Bina was empty, save for two or three people at the bar, when I walked by, first at 6:30 and again an hour later. I mean not a single table occupied. Does it do OK on the weekend? Or is it not long for this world?

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          Stoddard's sounds like it will be a great time. Pretty cool that they're taking pieces of Filene's for the balcony areas. Their menu also looks interesting, esp the stuffed quail.

          I got a corked bottle of wine on NYE at Bina and the sommelier gave me such a hard time about taking it back that I just agreed to keep it as a centerpiece for the table. Prior to dinner I had to describe a sazerac to the server. He initially thought I was talking about Saranac beer. Them being empty makes me quite happy.

          1. re: Beachowolfe

            I had a horrible experience there on NYE's eve, too. We met up with friends there around 6:00 - no one else was there, and had to wait FOREVER for one of the two bartenders to bother speaking with us. Apparently stocking bottles and talking with a bored server were way more important and the manager, who saw this unfold, couldn't be bothered to intervene. I haven't tried the food since the OC left, and quite frankly, I'm not really inclined to based on the service.

          2. re: katzzz

            I can't imagine Bina is long for this world. Not basing this on anything but my own .02...Ever since the original chef left things haven't been the same....not for lack of trying on their part (lots of PR and promotions/specials) but it just doesn't seem to be working....

            1. re: twentyoystahs

              They have yet another new chef at Bina; he comes from a restaurant in Pisa, so maybe his revamping of the menu will have more of a Tuscan flavor. Most reports on the post-Brian Konefal, Azita-as-chef era were very middling, so perhaps this could be their salvation. I hope to try it at some point soo; I suspect that having a new chef and menu concept every few months discourages repeat business. If this guy doesn't stick, it won't be a good sign for the place's long-term prospects.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                I walked by Bina at 645 on Friday night and it didn't look like there was a seat available. I was shocked!

          3. The sign on the door says mid-Feb opening.