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Jan 18, 2010 08:19 AM

Best Beef Stew - Cook's Illustrated Feb 2010

I made the Best Beef Stew receipe from the Feb issue of Cook's Illustrated pretty much to the letter. It includes anchovies and salt pork so is unusual. I did not use the gelatin suggested because I had some veal demi so did not need it. It is really delicious and I am not a stew lover. Will definitely make it again.

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  1. Anchovies and salt pork are both pretty common in stews

    1. Interesting, because while I like the concept I rarely like the actual product and this is the kind of thing that CI does so well. I found this adapted version on a blog for anyone who is interested.

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        Exactly - re concept vs product but ate this one right up!

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          Thank you very much for linking my recipe! I really don't want to sound like the typical spammer, but I just wanted to link the updated link for that recipe (I had to change sites, and move everything over) The new URL for my variation on the Best Beef Stew can be found here:

        2. Hi all. I made ATK's Best Beef Stew after watching an episode... While I followed their recipe, it seems to be missing SOMETHING. I can't put my finger on it, but both my hubby and I agree. I'd like to try to doctor it rather than toss practically a whole pot of stew. Suggestions? It feels like the sauce is missing something savory flavor (DH wanted to dump a bottle of hot sauce in!)

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            Adding a little soy sauce can add great depth of flavor to stews. That and I usually swap out some of the chicken broth for veal stock.

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              Along the same lines as soy - Fish sauce or worcestershire. Also, rather than doctor the whole pot you can add these to your bowl till you get it right.

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                I did add some worcestershire, then some sirrachi. Neither really hit it. I ended up tossing it. (no sense keeping it if DH wasn't going to eat it! ). Thanks for the suggestions!

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                Thanks... Didn't thi k of soy sauce. I think next time, i'll try a different recipe.

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                I make the CI beef stew and add a healthy shot of concentrated tomato paste

              4. I made this tonight. I agree that it was good but something was a little off. Next time, I will use 1 cup of wine, 2 cups of chicken broth and 1 cup of beef broth. I think a little Worcestershire might help, too. I used anchovy paste instead of anchovies because it was easier/cleaner and that worked great.