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Jan 18, 2010 08:06 AM

National Cheese Lover's Day

My office is celebrating National Cheese Lover's Day (Wednesday 1/20) with a cheese related potluck. I'm sure there will be tons of mac and cheese, cheesecake, cheese dip. I'm looking for a great, over the top recipe featuring cheese. I'm not necessarily opposed to one of the above mentioned categories but am also looking for more unique ideas. I have a full kitchen with stove and oven available so no limitations on serving temp/last minute prep etc.


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  1. Two words: cheese fondue...with a variety of veggies and sliced meat (nothing expensive...maybe some steak, cocktail hot dogs or sliced kielbasa) Everyone will think your dish is the best!

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      Quiche or spanakopita will be big hits. What about simple (store-bought) puff pastry, twisted with grated cheese and baked into cheese sticks/straws? Baked brie or Camembert with roasted garlic on top, garnished with toasted bread and apple and pear slices? Frico. Crostini with ricotta and beets or garlicky rapini on top (spinach works too). I could go on and on ...