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Jackson Review

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We were looking for somewhere to eat Friday night and thought of Jackson for two reasons...

1) We had a restaurant.com certificate and
2) A couple of friends had said the burgers were awesome

So...off we went. We were not disappointed. It was fantastic!

Atmosphere: We LOVED the atmosphere. The place has a ton of character to it. And we particularly loved the big semi-circle booths with the chocolate brown suede on the seats.

Service: Very good. Our waiter (I don't remebmer his name) was really on top of things and was more than happy to chat with us about the place and the menu.

Food: VERY VERY good.
Melted Cheese dip - 8/10 $7 We both enjoyed this very much and thought that it was priced just right. We're pretty sure they make their own tortilla chips...which impresses us a great deal.

Chipotle Bacon Burger - 10/10 $10 This burger was fantastic! Cooked perfectly, seasoned perfectly and their bread is soo good. It kind of has a little butter taste to it. Not cheap... but we thought it was worth every penny.

Fries - 9/10 The fries were very thin cut and very crispty. They were so good. I didn't give them a 10 because I like my fries to be a little thicker. But they were still fantastic. I paid the extra $2 to get truffle oil them. YUM!

12 oz. Ribeye - 8/10 $24 + $2 for gorgonzola. The steak was cooked perfectly and was a good cut of meat. The only comment we had was that we wished it would've had more of a grill taste to it. The steak came with 2 sides. Uncle Lee-Bird got the red beans and rice...which were pretty good...but nothing to rave about. And he got a side salad. It was good.

We left saying we would absolutely return and recommend it to others. The location is a little hokey because it's in the first block where Magazine is only one way. We hope this doesn't hurt them as we'd hate to see this place fail.

Jackson - New Orleans
1910 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. did you catch who the new Chef is? I have not been there since Thomas sold it and it reopened..I am interested in who bought it and who the chef is.

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      I didn't ask. But I will next time I go...which should be soon!

    2. We went last nite; wife got tip from a chef-friend.
      Neat old building. Owner on site. Great food; best in our neighborhood. Food similar to Eleven79.
      We tried oso bucco. & grilled shrimp-on-grits. Both were delicious. Service OK. Neat upper deck dining area.
      Typical for area; no parking.
      (If you want a steak, go to Dickie Brennans.)
      We'll be regulars @ Jackson if quality holds.