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Jan 18, 2010 07:42 AM

Search issue

Is there any way to change the default on the search feature so it automatically searches by Relevance rather than Newest First? When it searches by Newest First, it only picks up key words in your search including words like "and" and is ultimately useless.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. 1. Click "Search" without entering anything - it will take you to the Advanced Search page.
    2. Enter the term(s) you're searching for.
    3. Choose all your preferred options from the drop-down menus (Search Within, Date, Board Group, Board)
    4. Directly below the "Search Within" drop-down menu, there's a "Sort By" option- click Relevance.

    yes, it's a nuisance, but it will give you what you seek!

    oh, and you can either put your search terms in quotes for more accurate returns, or omit and, the & or and just use keywords. also keep in mind that people misspell things here on CH all the time, AND some culinary terms have more than one accepted or common spelling, so even when sorted by relevance it may help to scroll through some of the lower results to see if some good ones didn't make it to the top simply because the title was spelled differently.