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Jan 18, 2010 07:25 AM


I have two 8oz packages of sliced white mushrooms and nothing to do with them (I bought them for a recipe which I've decided not to make). I hate for them to go to waste and was looking for any good ideas - I'd love to make something that I can freeze. Other ideas beyond Mushroom Barley soup? Thanks!

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  1. No such thing as too many mushrooms

    Stir fry some with onions and peppers in meat drippings and serve with steak.

    Add to almost any type of stir fry dish.

    saute with onions and beef, add to omelet

    salads, toppings, garnishes

    chopped, add to quesadilla

    battered and fried

    place in stuffed peppers or cabbage

    saute in bacon grease with onion, garlic, chives and top your baked potato

    1. Mushroom omlettes, w/ or w/o cheese (goat, cheddar) and/or herbs (just about anything).

      Alice Waters has a wonderful recipe for freeform mushroom raviolis that you bake, rather than boil, so that they aren't nearly so fussy and annoying to make--you parboil the (preferably homemade) noodle, make a couple of big "hankerchiefs" or pockets filled w/ sauteed shrooms, shallot, thyme, and some creme fraiche, then bake them hot and quick w/ a little parmesan on top and serve over greens. So delicious, although even better w/ exotic mushrooms.

      1. No such thing. Mushrooms are good in everything. Not much I can think of that mushrooms aren't good in or with. Ok, maybe not in yogurt.

        hannaone has lots of good ideas.

        Also in stews.
        Sauted and topped on burgers or steaks or veal or chicken.
        Either raw (for white m'rooms) or sauted in salads
        In rice, risotto, polenta, quinoa, or other grain dish
        As the star of or supporting player in pasta sauce
        In lasagna or ravioli
        Finely chopped (as in food processor) and made into a sauce
        Cream of mushroom soup

        The more I think about it, you may not have ENOUGH mushrooms.

        1. Not real sure how these would freeze but I can tell you they're very good and satisfying:

          1. Too Many Mushrooms? Impossible!!

            Try making "Duxelles".......can be kept in a jar in the refrigerator and is useful in a great number of dishes.......from stuffings to scrambled eggs.