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Jan 18, 2010 06:38 AM

National Arts Club dining room - anyone been?

Has anyone been to the dining room at the National Arts Club?? I saw some reviews on yelp, etc giving it 5 stars and a lot of dollar signs but I want to know what's on the typical menu and is it worth the $$. I have the opportunity to eat there in late March and want to know if i should go for it.
And exactly what kind of prices are we talking about?


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  1. I had a friend who used to be a member and have been there several times- but this was several years ago. The food is what you would expect at say, a country club- in other words, nothing special. And yes, it is pricey. But it's worth going for the atmosphere - for the opportunity to have a drink in the bar- oneof the mosst beautiful spaces in New York and relax in the salon. Very Old New York in the best way possible.

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      If you're looking for a great, fabulous, funky, fun, unique room [the bar and 'living room'] with decent catering, really nice coat room person, oddball ladies room - half doors which swing open - just an overall fun place, do check it out. I've been to a lot of events there and the food really depends upon how much you're spending. Certainly it's worth your time to look at it and talk to them. The catering menu is different from the regular members' dining room menu.