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Jan 18, 2010 06:30 AM

London Street Food?

In the US street food vendors are a common site but I don't know of many here in London. Anyone have any good recommendations I can check out? Preferably a stall/cart/mobile which isn't in one of the major food markets (eg. Borough Market), but I'd welcome suggestions too. Thanks!

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  1. There was a long thread on this a while ago, but I can't find it. I haven't been for a while, but Whitecross St off Old St has lots of interesting stalls and vans selling food - Indian, Thai, Italian, Caribbean etc.

    There is also lots of stuff at Brick Lane Market - it's worth search the board for the thread on this.

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      Also Lower Marsh in Waterloo for really good Mexican, Thai, Chinese, wraps, burgers.
      Broadway Market on a Saturday also has a good selection and isnt as crazy as Borough Market.

    2. A good number of stalls tend to be aggregated into markets big or small in various part of London, which is a quite a prominent feature of the food scene in London. Less common to find single carts/stalls etc. There are occasional ones selling roasted nuts etc. and I remember a cart with mulled wine near Spitalfields Market, closer to Liverpool Street -- haven't tried though.

      [Caveat, haven't been in a long while] Exmouth Market is probably on the small side, and has a few interesting stalls -- a West African one (Spinach and Agusi), a very good crepe stall (which I think is no longer there -- anyone know where the guy went?) and a little outpost of the nearby Moro.

      Broadway Market is on my list, hoping to make it there soon. Hope to hear more about the best stalls there.

      A friend recommended the churros and Spanish hot chocolate at the stall (Garcia's iirc) on Portebello Rd in front of the Electric. Any recent experiences?

      Been through many of the stalls at Brick Lane Market -- like the feijoada at Maracuja (Brazilian stall) and the Thai Satay stall. Also have a soft spot for the Mauritian Stall, but haven't been in a while. The kara-age chicken at some of the Japanese deep frying stalls are pretty good, especially since they deep fry the stuff a second time when you order. Also remember liking the roast pork sandwich, especially with cracklings, but timing can be important, as the meat get dry after too long on the spit.

      Have heard good things about Brixton Market, but have only been to Franco Manca there. Hope to hear more from the various intrepid hounds!

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        my other half is Mauritian and was intrigued by your mention of a Mauritian stall at Brick Lane - what do they sell?

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          I remember liking the made-to-order roti at the Mauritian stall. There were a number of meat and vegetable curries and perhaps a bryani of some sort. Has been a while since I've eaten at the stall, so would appreciate an update.

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          i find the best stalls at broadway market are concentrated towards the front of the market (canal end, not london fields end) - but i have a crazy diet and don't eat meat so can't vouch for carnivorous satisfaction

          the dulwich bakery has sensational bread... everything is great....

          the organic veg stall has great rainbow carrots and often excellent organic lettuce deals, amongst other things

          the russian stall has great, simple homecooked russian food... i love the salmon, rice and egg slice and the beetroot salad

          there is also a polish stall with fantastic pierogi

          further up the market (past la bouche) there is the happy kitchen which is an inspiring and delicious vegan, sugar free sweets stall and also a creperie with buckwheat galletes

          the rest of the stalls can be found at other places around london

          special mention to chegworth's for their lovely apples and the tomato stall for their summer golden cherry tomatoes

          the banh mi is also good halfway along the market (I have heard, but have not tried)

        3. I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious pierogies I had last summer at the outdoor food market just off the Regent's Canal in Camden. I'm not sure what that area is called, but there were a lot of tempting stalls.

          1. Thanks everyone for the replies! i'll let you know as and when I try them. Am starting near my place with Golborne Road/Portobello (limster - I've passes the churros stand many a time but never tried it!) possibly this weekend. I've heard there is quite a few stalls worth trying on Golborne, including Jerk Shack, as well as some Moroccan and Ethiopian food. There's a German Food stall on Portobello I've been to be a couple of times that does good (but greasy!) burgers and chickens steaks.

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              Definitely try Whitecross Street at some point. Barbican can feel a bit out of the way if you don't work in the area, but it's a nice way to spend a Thursday or Friday lunchtime (when the majority of stalls are there) and there are some lovely pubs nearby. I can definitely recommend the falafel stand, the hog roast boys, Gwilym Davies' coffee cart and the Karuna curry stall. So cheap!


              TimeOut has a good feature on street food here if you missed it:


              This huge thread on street food at the Brick Lane markets is well worth trawling through:


              You can occasionally find interesting street food stalls in Camden, although I have never eaten anything amazing from the loud scary hawkers in the Stables Market. Try Inverness St where there is a good burrito stand and a guy who sells stew - always Irish and one other. £5 for stew, rice and a chunk of bread. Sorted!

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                Almost forgot one of the most central street food hot spots - Goodge Place W1.


                Chinese, Thai, salads, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, wraps and Freebird Burritos!

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                  I really like the Hoxton Beach falafel wraps at Goodge Place. Some of the nicest I've tasted, but then I did get them fresh from the fryer.

            2. Tubby Isaacs for jellied eels. 90-years-old & still going strong :-)