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Jan 18, 2010 06:25 AM

Sydney Farmers Markets

Are there any neighborhoods in Sydney with good farmer's markets year round? I'm coming from the states and looking for something similar to the Green City Farmer's Market in Chicago or the Chelsea Food Market in NYC or even the Bastille market in Paris. I'm trying to find a place to move and I'd love to be able to move close to a farmer's market that has flexible hours.

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  1. The only big weekly one that I know about is the Eveleigh market ( it is held on Saturdays and goes until 1:00pm. It is near a suburb called Redfern which is politely called "up and coming" but IMO still has a way to go. There are also the "Good Living Growers Markets" in Pyrmont on the first Saturday of every month until 11:00, and the "North Sydney Produce Market" on the third Saturday until 12:00 noon. I think there are a few smaller ones but these are the three big ones. But I am afraid that compared to The Bastille markets you will find Sydney's quite small...!

    I find that the Everleigh market is the best and in some ways more real. The other two seem to be about cupcakes and pre-made food rather than produce (although to be fair they have a selection of produce). I find myself heading to Everleigh a couple of times a month, but do my main shopping in different areas depending on what I need. Leichardt/Haberfield for example is a good inner suburb, with an Italian heritage so Italian butchers and delis, European style fruit and veg, and lots of great cake shops. I find there are a few areas with a concentration of good shops, so if I am looking for great meat I head to Vic Churchill's butchers in Woolhara then do my supermarket and veg shopping at Westfield in Bondi Junction (Norton Street Grocer is good), if I am looking for Japanese I head to Northbridge Plaza with Tokyo Mart, Anticos Fruit and Veg plus a good Supermarket and Butchers.

    This weekend we headed to Cabramatta which is the Vietnamese centre with excellent Asian foods and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. We also headed out to Harris Park which has a concentration of Indian shops, especially Patel Bros for spices.

    Sydney is a collection of villages many of which have distinct populations we have decided to put together our own DIY food safaris (there is a commercial company that does them ( and so on Saturdays we head off to a new suburb to explore, buy ingredients, and grab a cheap lunch. In the next weeks we head to Auburn for Turkish, Petersham for Portuguese, and Punchbowl for Lebanese.

    It is great fun exploring, even in your own city, and to get the best out of the Sydney food scene it is good to be mobile and travel, I live quite centrally so travel out to these places is quite easy.

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      Great tips Phil. I agree about Eveleigh being the best for produce. Plus, you can get a hot croque madame from Bird Cow Fish to demolish as you walk around the markets. Mmmmmm

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        Phil - mate - Leichhardt has two 'h's' dontcha know?!! :)

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          Damm - my German spelling was never good...!

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          Yes, Eveleigh is kind of near Redfern but it's also very near to Newtown, Erskineville & several other suburbs that are not dodgy.

          Other weekly markets are at Orange Grove school in Lilyfield every Saturday and in Marrickville every Sunday.

        3. yknow what else is pretty good - and really a lot less $$ - Paddy's Market (ok also flemington, but that is a train trip), but on th fri sat and sun there is produce and a fish market, just off George St. This is bargain produce rather than upscale produce, but lots of choices. year round. Also I enjoy produce at Galuzzo in Glebe and Harris Farm at the Broadway Shopping ctr.

          1. These are all worthwhile market shopping areas- Everleigh markets has a really special selection of produce and the flemington markets and paddys markets (underground fruit and veg market) are in a word, bountiful. I live in the East and enjoy the proximity to Bondi Junction shopping and to providores in Queen St (Woollahra), Bondi Beach and Paddington.

            I'd also recommend that you investigate life in the Balmain and Rozelle area. They have a wonderful community life and the Orange Grove markets (in nearby Lilyfield) are awesome. They occupy the grounds of a local primary school on saturday mornng and have fantastic stalls, with particular emphasis on organic produce and products.

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              I gave Paddy's a go recently and whilst it was cheap I thought that was reflected in the quality of the produce. I thought I had chosen carefully but managed to buy quite a lot of less than stellar fruit and veggies. It has put me off.

              I would prefer to pay a little more and head to Norton Street Grocer or Harris Farms (two good shops with branches across town) and buy my herbs and salads from Fratelli Fresh which seems better value than the markets and is also top quality (they supply lots of restaurants).

            2. Any feedback on the Friday market in The Rocks? It's listed in my tourist guidebook but I'm not sure if I should go out of my way to make it. How is the selection of prepared food?

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                It only has one fruit and veg stall, but that said they are are quite decent and seem to grow their own stuff. There is also a bakery which sells bread - maybe Bourke Street?

                The other stalls sell take-away food. I think the regulars include the Turkish Gozlemi stand and Sushi Hero which does Sushi and a few other dishes. There is often a burger/snag stall which I think is an offshoot of the deli in the Argyle centre. Pony and Wine Odyssey often have stalls selling one or two dishes.

                I have been tempted to try them but the prices put me off (I think it was $9.50 for a gozlemi) but that doesn't stop the stalls being very busy so the food is usually fresh.

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                  The bread is from Brasserie Bread. I like it a lot, but the wife ranks Bourke St a little higher. If baked good are your thing, you can drop in to La Renaissance Patisserie right next to the market for more French pastries, macarons, etc.

                  Prepared food is pricey for market food, but about what to expect given the location. Fine Foods does wagyu burgers and some nice sausages. Lowenbrau also have a regular stall selling foot-long German hotdogs with sauerkraut and other things. There's also some gelato, fresh cannoli, nuts, candies, and a few non-food crafted goods.

                  On Eveleigh Market, the location is indeed adjacent to Redfern, a suburb of varied salubriousness, but also an easy walk from Darlington, Chippendale, and the nearer parts of Newtown and Erskineville.

                  Other regular maket options would be the South Sydney Industrial Markets, every Sunday in Alexandria; or the Entertainment Quarter markets every Wed, Sat, Sun at Moore Park.

                  1. re: the_snook

                    I went on Friday just after it opened at 10am but not all the vendors were set up - particularly the Pony Lounge and a few others. Nevertheless, it's a very small market worth going if you happen to be in the area. There was only one fruit/veg vendor though and I thought that their fruit was similarly priced to what I had seen at a few stores. They told us that they grow and sold their own peppers, eggplants but that not everthing on display is grown by them.
                    In addition there was also a sugar cane drink vendor and a cupcake vendor. The Lowenbrazu sausages looked quite good and they were also serving spaetzle.

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                      "I went on Friday just after it opened at 10am but not all the vendors were set up" - I think it kicks off a bit later in the summer as it morphs into the night market. Yesterday lots of the stalls were not setting-up until 4:00pm.

              2. Once you are settled come visit Victoria Market in Melbourne.