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Jan 18, 2010 06:11 AM

Pizzeria Corvina Closed?

What happened? Wife and I read some good reviews about it, tried to go last Friday, but... AINT NO PARTY IN THE SAD SAD CITY, HOUNDS? what went down?

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  1. We posted in the RIP thread last week. They are "temporarily" closed to revamp the menu. No timetable was given for a re opening.

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    1. re: amykragan

      My bad, need to check the RIP thread more often, they should of make some sort of notice on their website.

      1. re: amykragan

        I hope that is the case, Corvina was one of my favorite RR eateries. However, I called their # and it is dissconnected.. why would the phone be disconnected if it were a temporary closing?

        1. re: High_Boost

          sounded fishy to me too

          The RIP thread is getting pretty dang long

          1. re: amykragan

            any update on pizza corvina? Open, out of business, ????

            1. re: boshtx

              Well, the phone is still disconnected, although the web site is up. Guess I'll have to head over there soon to scope out the situation.

              1. re: luggage512

                I drove by on sunday (2-14) and they were still closed..
                it has been since before christmas now, they are not going to re-open :(

                1. re: High_Boost

                  Same here, drove by on Sat (2-13) and they are CLOSED FOR BUSINESS, all dark inside. Why is their website still up? Very BIZARRE.

                  1. re: DevoBevo

                    I currently am looking for a new location for my NY syle pizzeria. How busy was this location?

                    1. re: Carreras Pizza

                      It's not in a good location because it's buried in the middle of the parking lot and not enough people knew about Pizzeria Corvina. They even offered a Dell discount as Dell is right across Hwy 45 but that wasn't enough to keep them in business.

                      Maybe it's the fact that you have a gourmet pizza place in a strip mall. Maybe gourmet pizza doesn't play as well up North of Austin.

                      Pflugerville doesn't have too many pizza places... there might be a market for a new pizza place. If you were to move into the old Pizzeria Corvina, marketing would be huge.

                      1. re: Longhorn13

                        The fact that it was across the street from Dell should have kept it in business since the food was good and the prices were in line. They needed to market more.

                      2. re: Carreras Pizza

                        It seemed pretty busy every time I went in there, I was surprised it closed. However, I dont remember there ever being much of a wait.

                        I think the location is good as far as access to major highways and close proximity to major employers, but it is such a big strip mall that you could be there and people not know, so some advertising would go a long way.

                        1. re: Carreras Pizza

                          Carreras - the bottom line was the place was too expensive at lunch which is when it has the best opportunity to get people in the door. There are different ways to be competitive, but they were not. As others have said the food was good, but prices were too high.

                          1. re: lhorns96

                            I never went at lunch, as I work downtown, but my wife went on a weekday and she said they were running a wait, it was packed to the hilt with dell people..

                            I am guessing poor management must have lead to their failure