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Jan 18, 2010 06:09 AM

Great inexpensive restaurants near Nine Zero Hotel

Will be staying at Nine Zero for three days. Am looking for 1.) low-key, relatively inexpensive dinner places with atmosphere within walking distance, and 2.) the same for the South End. Any food type is fine. Entrees ideally no more than $20-&25. Have been to Grotto and Neptune Oyster. Thanks!

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  1. I would suggest Via Matta and eating off of the drink/bar menu, lots of excellent small plates and very good pizzas ranging in price from about $7-$14. You can sit in the diningroom and still order these items.

    1. Within walking distance, I'd recommend Silvertone's, which gets a lot of rave reviews on this Board for doing comfort food right. It is about a block away from your hotel and is located on Bromfield Street.

      Another favorite of mine within walking distance is Cafe Marliave, which was completely revamped by Chef Scott Herritt (of Grotto fame). They serve large portions with a mix of French, Italian and standard American fare.

      In the South End, one of my favorite spots is Pops, which does a take on upscale diner food. I seriously enjoy the Kobe meatloaf. I've heard that they've recently started doing tapas and small plates but I haven't checked it out since the change.

      Jae's Cafe is another South End restaurant that serves a variety of Asian food with a focus on Korean dishes. Their dol sot bibimbap is one my favorite dishes.

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        Second Silvertone heartily -- especially if you're into wine. They have a fantastic list all marked up about $10 over cost. Some of the expensive wines there cost less on their list than it does to buy them at a wine shop. Comfort food done right is exactly the right description. Would recommend the meatloaf, the burger, the steak, and the halibut. Also, great mussels and calamari.

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          Another vote for Silvertone, especially if you're in the mood for meatloaf. They also do an exceptional job with their calamari. It's always crisp and tender and the aioli makes a perfect compliment. As stated above, they have a great wine list, that is very reasonably priced.

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          Sounds like Silvertone is the place to go and I think it's very close to the hotel. Thanks for the recommendations!

        3. Forgot to ask - are there any decent breakfast (not brunch) places in the vicinity as well? The hotel's is standard fare, OK but nothing special.

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            I'd check out the Paramount in Beacon Hill, just across Boston Common on Charles Street. They do a cafeteria style breakfast that is very popular and gets good reviews for their pancakes and waffles (although I'm partial to their omelettes). Their is usually a line out the door on the weekends as it is a popular spot.

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              I'd vote for the Beacon Hill Bistro on Charles Street for breakfast.

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                IMO Paramount is incredibly overrated. I'm with Greengage and go to Beacon Hill Bistro. Better atmosphere, better value, and you get waited on.

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                  Thanks for the tips everyone - we've been to the Paramount while staying in the Back Bay and didn't know if there was anything closer to the hotel. Beacon Hill Bistro sounds like it would be worth a walk to (if not too frigid!)

                  1. re: babs58

                    If you wanted something super casual and still on the cheap side, you could always go to Beantown Pub. I think they do an Irish breakfast... never been but I know it exists and right next to Nine Zero.

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                      We'll have to check it out - thanks for the tip!