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Jan 18, 2010 06:07 AM

Looking for a great tea shop in Hong Kong

Hello all,
I have lived in Hong Kong for about 2.5 years, and I am looking for a great tea shop - a place where one can taste different Chinese teas and then purchase some to take home. I've been to the wonderful tea house across from HKU, but to my knowledge you cannot buy tea to take home there. I would prefer, for the short term, something relatively easy to get to in Central, Shueng Wan, Wan Chai or Causeway Bay, but in the long term I would be willing to do more exploring.
Any suggestions?

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    1. I go to Sun Sing Tea in Causeway Bay. They have a room up on like the 30th floor of an office building with windows that look across towards the Peak. Great view.

      But this place is not a tea lounge. It's more like a tea store, but with a few tables where you can sit down and sip some tea. Very nice friendly English-speaking staff each time I've gone there. A pretty down-to-earth place. You can try before you buy to take home.

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        I agree, Sunsing in Causeway Bay is great. I like the feel of the space, and they're very nice people. You can taste teas and pay a tasting fee, but I generally buy enough pu-erh there that the fee is waived.

      2. I would suggest a few places; it would be helpful if you could mention what kind of teas you like.

        1) Best Tea House (茶藝樂園; - a bunch of locations, but I have heard the one on 荔枝 (Lychee) street in Kowloon is the best. The owner is famous in the world of pu'er. Their prices are high-ish, but the quality is at least above average, and sometimes excellent. Good selection of teaware as well.
        2) Lau Yu Fat (劉裕發茶莊; - Good high-fire (Chaozhou gongfu style) tieguanyin, some good puer. Prices are decent, but not cheap.

        You could also try Lam Kie Yuen (; 105-107 Bonham Strand), Cheung Hing (74 Queens Rd), both in Sheung Wan, and Sheung Yu (they have a branch in the teaware museum, but I think their bigger shop is in Kowloon). If you're interested in learning more about tea, I believe Sheung Wan and Best Tea House both offer classes.

        From what I've heard, Sunsing is a great place to try some rare puers that are pretty reliably what they're said to be, but maybe a more so-so place to buy stuff for home. I'll be checking out a lot of these places myself in a couple months, so I'll try to post some more feedback then.