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Jan 18, 2010 05:27 AM

wedding cake ideas (hudson valley)

hi everyone. my wedding will be in september and i've found tons of useful info on here about catering, etc. what i need specifically now is bakeries. i live in nyc and in philly, so my knowledge of nystate bakeries is zero. online ive found good reviews of cafe aurora, deisings, and of course collete foley bakery and le petite gateau. i'm hoping not to spend my whole account on this cake, and there will be 200plus guests. any ideas?

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  1. The Pastry Garden, in Poughkeepsie. I have seen some beautiful cakes from there that were delicious, too. I was a guest at the weddings so I am not sure of prices or how they are to deal with.

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      they're very easy to work with; we get birthday cakes and others from there, and they're always courteous, efficient, good to eat, and look nice.

    2. I would also second The Pastry Garden. Their chocolate mousse supreme is amazing and I've been very happy with their fresh strawberry shortcake and their boston creme style cake.

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        awesome. i just went to their website and it looks quite affordable. thanks so much!

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          must try lulu's strawberry crush or sublimity jane cakes. where is the reception?

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            i will totally look into those! the reception will be outdoors at the home of my family. quite close to rhinebeck. we're serving BBQ and the overall feeling will be quite casual. Thanks again

      2. makes beautiful wedding cakes. I'm guessing more expensive than The Pastry Garden which is a pretty generic formulaic upstate bakery - I suspect cake mix and crisco feature largely in their ingredients. The Alternative Baker in Rosendale makes wedding cakes that are delicious and from top-notch ingredients - if you care about those things. Some people just want their wedding cake to be pretty.

        1. Deisings is absolutely incredible. I got married in New Paltz in April and Deisings was one of the best and easiest decisions. We had a lovely tasting, with coffee and flavors and fillings. The told us the different prices, explained the reason for them, and we ended up deciding on a square cake. It cost us less than one dollar a person, the entire top layer was left for the staff, and it was absolutely incredible. We ended up choosing marble cake with cheesecake filling and a chocolate ganache top. We wanted it to taste good, not look good, but it did both. Five stars. Since we were on such a budget, they even allowed us to bring in our own decorations the day before. They were just really incredible.

          1. My sister got married in August and ordered her cake from McKinney & Doyle in Pawling, NY. The cake was not only beautiful but moist and delicious. They filled it with a raspberry mousse that was light and just sweet enough without being overpowering. Everything is made from scratch using fresh ingredients. And the best part was that it held up to the hot August weather (it was an outside wedding).