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Jan 18, 2010 04:48 AM

Delfina or Flour + Water?

I need your help. Which restaurant would you choose for dinner tonite?

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  1. There's no way you'll get a reservation at either, and I'm pretty sure F+W saves more seats for walk-ins, so I'd say them. If you can show up at about 5 and don't mind waiting half an hour, you're probably good

    1. Delfina. I've only been to each once, but hands down Delfina is the better restaurant. Flour + Water was just disappointing, especially after a two-month wait for a table. Delfina did not disappoint.

      1. Are you talking about Delfina or Pizzeria Delfina?

        If someone else were picking up the tab, definitely Delfina.

        I'd take Flour + Water over Pizzeria Delfina only because I haven't tried F+W yet and people keep telling me I need to.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I have been to F+W and consider it to be an inferior version of Pizzaiolo. In my opinion it is not worth the trip across the bridge and hassle with reservation from the East Bay considering options (Pizzaiolo, Dopo, etc) in the East Bay.

          1. re: Scott M

            I had two great pizzas at flour + water last week. They probably rank just behind Pizzeria Delfina, A16 and Pizzeria Picco for my favorite pizza in the Bay Area. We walked in on a Thursday around 5:30 and were able to score one of the last tables (not counting communal table and bar seating)

            1. re: tvham

              thanks everyone, Delfina it is. I had reservations for both and canceled F + W early this am. I was not going to the pizzeria and have enjoyed Delfina in the past.

            2. re: Scott M

              I agree - Pizzaiolo is what F+W is striving to be, but failed, at least when i went. A friend of mine who is a chef and went on a different day agreed. Piazzaiolo is absolutely worth a drive across the bridge from this end.

            3. re: Robert Lauriston

              To me there's no comparison between F + W and Delfina pizzeria. As much as I love Delfina (and enjoy the pizzeria from time to time), Delfina pizzeria can't compare to F + W. If you like Neapolitan style pizza from a wood oven, you will like F + W.