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Jan 18, 2010 02:34 AM

Excess Ricotta Cheese

I have a lot of ricotta cheese, and want to use it up before it expires. I was going to make blintzes, but that's too much work. Any suggestions where I can use and the freeze the dish. TIA

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  1. I usually mix with sugar,sliced almonds and oil of anise or with nutella .Add to pancake batter or pancakes I.added ricotta to pistachio pudding and to a cake mix.

    1. My husband likes to just add it into pasta dishes at the table, and that's where our leftover ricotta usually gets used up. Spaghetti with clam sauce is his favorite this way, won't eat it without. Otherwise just throw together some baked ziti and freeze, not as good as fresh but good for an emergency meal down the road,

      1. Less work than blintzes -- but work, nonetheless is an Italian-style ricotta pie.

        Buy some pizza dough, add garlic/oil/onions/mushrooms to the ricotta (clams, maybe) and make a white pizza.

        1. Layer it into eggplant parm or make rollatini. Just 'cause I've never frozen mine doesn't mean you can't. :)

          1. Take about 4 cups, dissolve 2 packets of knox geletin in 3/4 cup of milk stir well. put in a shallow pan and refrigerate like jello, top with quality preserves or even canned blueberry pie filling. Delicious!