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Jan 17, 2010 10:37 PM

Recommendations for Dahab

I'm going to be in Dahab, Egypt in the coming few weeks and was wondering if people have any recommendations for specific restaurants or types of food specific to the Sinai. I know that fish is going to be highly accessible, but whatever is specifically local would great to know.

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  1. The Shark Club in Dahab is the place to be...or at least it was when I was there a few years ago. Prices are 1/2 of any other place...the difference b/t owner-operators and someone renting land and putting a restaurant on that space. All the b'pkrs know the Shark Club & you'll hear the name 1M times before you actually eat there. Best milkshakes ever...try hibiscus for something new and different. Also, I always ate the raw veggies & had no problem at of the only places I did this in all of Egypt. They take very good care of the b'pkr crew...just keep the dogs & cats away from your table. They like to beg for scraps and will steal a bite if you glace the other direction...but this is true of all restaurants on the water in Dahab...part of the ambiance and fun.