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Jan 17, 2010 08:14 PM

Desperate! Which instant coffee NOT like tasters choice - but YES like Folger crystals

(actually, which ANY coffee NOT-DECAF,
both instant and brewed
is like:
Folgers-Instant and the long-discontinued Instant-Brazilian Supreme.

A priority for me, too, is VERY affordable, and should taste & feel like Folgers-Instant & Brazilian Supreme.

Someone on chowhound commented that Folgers is like flavored water.
NOT SO TO ME! (at least not the Folgers Instant).. If only it costed less.

Does Shoprite-Instant taste like Folgers-instant?
Does Maxwell-Instant taste like Folgers-Instant?

I've never tasted brewed coffee - since I've never had a coffeemaker and don't know the first thing about coffeemakers. I'll require extensive research on the topic of coffeemakers as well.

I'm desperate because without coffee+aspirin, I get EXCRUCIATING migraines & can't sleep (due to fluresent-caused "hangover headaches". Note: I just this year started taking coffee+aspirin in my "old age" since I realized that's the only thing which helps my headaches caused by computer/fluresent hangover. It also helps to know that coffee (and marijuana too, btw) wards off Alzheimers, as well as Parkinsons & diabetes.

I've recently tried:

Nescafe's Taster's choice - I find this ughy, NOT smooth, rather like charcoal on tongue
Nescafe's Mountain blend - ditto (ughy ughy)

Folgers crystals - yummy & smooth to me
I also loved the leftover-from-long-ago Nescafe BRAZILIAN SUPREME (discontinued)

I've already begged the Nescafe people to advise me - but no help there.
I've begged people at local store for advice - no help there either (too busy etc.

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  1. Nescafe Clasico is very similar to Brazilian Supreme.

    Nescafe Noir is also said to be similar to Clasico, but dunno if it has made it to the U.S. yet. Try Ebay or Amazon.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Thanks so much for the tip re: the Clasico (I guess they call it Suave too - I've seen it only at ShopRite). Thing is, neither Folgers classic roast, nor Clasico are as affordable as some other options. That's my point.

      So: Does Shoprite-Instant taste like Folgers-instant (i.e. classic roast)?
      Also: Does Maxwell-Instant taste like Folgers-Instant? (i.e. classic roast)?

      Is there by chance any brewed (non-instant) coffee that's similar to Folgers Instant classic roast crystals?

      P.S. I realize Maxwell instant is similarly priced as Folgers & Clasico, but still it's an added choice for when on sale.

    2. 1. Folgers still makes instant crystals in a variety called "Classic Roast."

      2. Instead of pumping yourself full of pharmaceuticals and stimulants, why not address the *cause* and perhaps put a stop to the headaches?

      3. If all else fails, and you absolutely MUST continue to ingest this caffeine/aspirin combo, that's what Excedrin is, and it's indicated specifically for headaches.