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Jan 17, 2010 07:43 PM

Leaving chicken soup out overnight....

I just made some chicken soup but it's too hot to put in the refrigerator. Can i leave it out overnight? My kitchen is not too cold nor warm. I live in Socal so I don't have the option of putting it outside.

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  1. The food-safety police will arrest me, but I've left soups out overnight many times with no ill consequence. Just be sure to bring it to a good boil again before you serve.

    1. Dump ice into your sink, fill it partway with water. Pour your soup into smaller containers, then into the ice bath till they chill down. You'll be fine. Just whatever you do, don't put a whole just-finished pot of soup in the fridge.

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        ok, going with dmd kc. feeding it to my little toddler so i'm not going to chance it. just needed to double check. thanks!

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          That's what I do. I also keep a couple of those reusable blue freezie things in the freezer in case I run out of ice.

        2. Right now in SoCal? Sure.

          1. Leave it out. Put it striaght into the ref. It doesn't matter. Both ways you'll be OK.

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              I leave the soup out when it is very hot. But put in the fridge after. The soup has a lot of fat on the surface when cold and must be removed for health purpose.

            2. I don't think I am at all cautious w/r/t food but that is really dangerous and I caution you against it. Holding soup a temp between quite hot and refrigerated encourages all sorts of nasty things to grow in it. Please take dmd's advice, get it chilled down and then into the fridger!