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Jan 17, 2010 06:35 PM

Recommendations for large party for early dinner in Georgetown or near Verizon Ctr?

Looking for restaurants in either Georgetown or the Verizon Center area for an early dinner in a couple weeks. Party will be between 10 and 14 in all, mostly college classmates of my daughter. Not looking to spend tons of dollars (may not be possible, I realize). I thought of Paolo's and Zaytina (my daughter likes the former but I've never been and I've been to the latter). Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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    1. Jaleo, Zaytina, matchbox, clydes are all near verizon center and will work for your sized group

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      1. re: dining with doc

        Zaytina and Jaleo require making a private party reservation for parties of 12+... with three course tasting menus starting at $40 pp (plus 20% tip and 10% DC meals tax). Non-starters for us since none of the girls are likely to eat that much and that pushes the price to $625+. While I like both, way more than we want to spend on a casual post-game early dinner. Next. Unfortunately Matchbox is no reservation on Saturdays.

        1. re: L84Dinner

          Oyamel is close and great as is Jaleo. Rosa Mexicano is supposed to be good.

      2. Yeah, they're not the same quality as Jaleo or Zaytinya, but Rosa Mexicana and Clyde's are both right by the Verizon Center and reasonably priced for the area. Matchbox too, but it's not as close and I think it would probably take a lot longer to get in and out of there, not to mention the fact that I don't think they take reservations, and won't put you on the list until your entire party is present.

        1. Penn Qtr area
          Kanlaya for Thai, they take rezzies.

          Nando Peri Peri for some Portuguese chicken, you would have to call to see if they can set up space for your group

          Have you thought about Pizza Paradiso in G'town? Call and see if they can set up space for you in the basement.

          1. How 'bout Zengo, an Asian/Latin fusion place with cool cocktails and $5 happy hour specials at the downstairs bar, plus (I think) some private space upstairs. It is practically next door to Verizon Center. Went there with my daughter (16 y/o) before the Caps game last week after Zaytinya couldn't take us. We both really enjoyed it.