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Jan 17, 2010 06:18 PM

seafood in winter?

I will be making the portland to providence run with my family this February. Can I make a plea to all of you locals out there for any recs on what seafood to order and where to order it? I am a first timer to new england and willing to drive (some) but would rather not pay for atmosphere just good food that the locals would eat!

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  1. Brunswick is about 30 mins from Portland in the wrong direction, but I know for sure Morse's Lobster Shack on Bath Rd would be open. And I'm sure Cook's on Bailey Island is open, too, but thats even more out of your way. And I'm not sure how highly I'd recommend either.

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      Thanks for your post; Cooks sounds interesting. Anything outstanding? In season?

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        You should also note that maine shrimp are in season. You can buy them by the pound at roadside stands. Don't know if you'll have anywhere to cook them, but they are AWESOME.

    2. The problem is February. Our favorite lobster roll place near Portsmouth NH, the Ice House is closed in winter. Although we used to love Newick's it doesn't seem as good but it's more expensive than it used to be (Dover Point Rd outside of Portsmouth) back in the 70s. A friend who lives in Seabrook NH likes Markey's. We went to Brown's across the road once. It was decent and it's definitely a paper plate kind of place. Their website says they are open Fri, Sat and Sun during the winter. Not sure when Markey's is open.
      You need to try fried clams, fried scallops, broiled scallops, fried shrimp, lobster rolls and steamed lobster. I suggest for this time of year to get your steamed lobster at a local supermarket to eat at home (are you staying with relatives). We liked but not loved Captain Simeon's on Kittery Point ME but their website doesn't give hours or if they are open this time of year.
      Sorry, our fried seafood and lobster consumption drops in winter. We have a couple of decent fried seafood places near home but they aren't on your route.

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        Thank you for the suggestions. Was told that there is no chance of fresh lobster off season. But this gives us hope!

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          Since you didn't specify lobster and shellfish, I presume you're interested in seafood of all types during your trip. Certainly here in Portland, and along your proposed route, most decent restaurants will have a number of different fresh locally sourced dishes of fish/seafood, since the fishery doesn't quit for the winter. For the Portland end of your trek, by all means make a trip to Street & Co. on Wharf Street for a wide selection. At the moment, the haddock fishery (New England's tastiest available white sea fish) is flourishing, and you should be able to find scallops, locally-grown oysters, and probably Atlantic halibut and cod. No need to limit yourself to fried!

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            babysteps, there are many seafood restaurants along your planned route. They consist of year-round and seasonal restaurants. Seasonal restaurants are usually open from May through October. Whoever told you that lobster wasn't available in the winter was probably thinking of seasonal seaside lobster shacks. They typically serve boiled or steamed lobster, fried seafood, chowders, lobster and crab rolls and maybe broiled seafood.

            There are too many year-round restaurants along your route for anyone to give you a meaningful answer. It's 220 miles between Portland and Provincetown and probably several hundred restaurants that serve seafood. I would suggest that you pick spots along your route where you will be stopping for lunch or dinner and then ask for recommendations for that location.

            Lobster, Maine shrimp, clams, oysters, calamari, crab meat, haddock, cod, mussels, scallops and much more is available.

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              Woops, I just noticed you said Providence, not Provincetown. The answer is still the same except the distance is only 160 miles.

      2. I would try Susan's Fish and Chips in Portland. It has a lot of support on this board, good seafood, you definitely won't be paying for atmosphere it is a bit of a hole in the wall. The link I added has a menu, but I am unsure of how old it is. You should definitely be able to get fresh Maine shrimp, however, which is succulent.

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            Hortons in east providence is open year round,and are famous for their fried clams,fish and chips,stuffies,actually not really cheap,really good though,not much of a view,but totally authentic .

        1. In me 'umble opinion, don't bother w/ Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery, Me.

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            Why is that? I stopped by on way up to Portland the week before Christmas and like it very much. Good food and friendly people, IMHO.

          2. Petey's in Rye Beach, NH - great food, and even better drinks !