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Jan 17, 2010 06:09 PM

Meyer Lemon Rind

Is there any possibility of preserving the rinds of lemons to use later as zest? I was gifted with about 30 beautiful Meyer lemons. I would love to keep the rinds for later use, but have tried freezing, Food Saver-ing and freezing them whole and they just don't keep. Any ideas, suggestions or advice? I am candying some of them.

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  1. Can you just zest them now and air dry (or dry in a low oven)? What do you want to use it for later?

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      I don't know what I'll be making, but it would be nice to have zest for baking and chicken dishes. I always have frozen lemon juice cubes, so I don't always have fresh lemons on hand for the zest. Not for curd or pudding.

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          I agree, rockfish, meyer lemons are great to use in preserved lemons.

        2. Meyer lemons make wonderful limoncello.

          1. You could make some great lemoncillo. I have a meyer lemon tree and we often make a batch.

            Use the peel, no pith, of 15 lemons, and combine with one bottle of everclear. Let it stand 40 or so days. Give it a shake every week.

            After 40 days pour it through a filter and remove the rind. Filter it 3 more times through unbleached coffee filters. You want to remove all of the rind particles.

            Combine it with a bottle of vodka and an equal amount of simple syrup.

            750 ml of everclear
            750 ml of vodka
            750 od simple syrup.

            Bottle it in in mason jars or back in the bottles, store in the freezer.

            It is strong and good.