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Jan 17, 2010 06:07 PM

FYI - Super 88 / HK Market has Chinese Brand Dumplings again

This was a big deal for me and my daughter! Going past the freezer case, they had Chinese Brand dumplings in most varieties. And on sale, but the main thing is they're baaaaaacckkkk.

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    1. I went into the Brookline one last week as was bowled over by the amount of stock on all the shelves and in all the cold cases. Looks like the days of privation for that joint are over... for now. What a nice change!

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        I went to the HK Market in Allston about 2 weeks ago and searched high and low for them and came out empty handed. I went yesterday, and there they were. Thanks for the tip! They were on sale 3 bags for $10 or $3.69 a bag. Is it me or were the old bags bigger? I think they were more expensive before ($5+) but I think they had more.

        Also, where is the one in Brookline? Is that new?