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Jan 17, 2010 04:08 PM

Dining in Canary Wharf? [London]

Please recommend ANYTHING in Canary Wharf for dining, drinks or otherwise.
Thank you very much. Seems like an out-of-the-way business area.

Wife will be staying there for 3 weeks on biz. Husband (both 40 y.o. foodies) will be joining for a few days in between.

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  1. I think there might be another thread on this board answering this question, (thegeneral answer being it's a rubbish area for food) but otherwise, try Roka for Asian/fusion, El Faro for pretty good tapas, Royal China for dim sum. Alternatively get on the DLR in to Bank where there are many more choices or get on the Jubilee line and head to Southwark for the Anchor and Hope (about a 10 second walk from the tube station) or London Bridge for Borough Market.

    1. Isn't there a new Jamie Oliver restaurant there? Not to my tastes, but I'm sure it's half decent.

      I concur with above though, just get on the tube and go somewhere else!

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        pj26 hits the nail on the head. you can also get the 135 bus straight from canary wharf, down commercial road, towards aldgate if you want to go to tayyabs, lahore or needoo.

      2. I worked in Canary Wharf for 4 years, and the best meal I had by far was the Goan lamb shank at the Spice Merchants

        It's a 5-7 minute walk from the main Canary Wharf complex, near Westferry DLR.

        GOAN LAMB SHANK £ 10.95
        A supreme cut of lamb given the traditional Goan treatment, full of flavour,cooked with red wine, tomatoes and coriander ...not to be missed

        Also, try taking the DLR to Greenwich, where there are many excellent small restaurants. Would highly recommend the Organic Cafe across from the Greenwich Picturehouse for a good weekend breakfast. Or in the evening, the Taparia or Rivington Grill in the Picturehouse are both good, followed by a drink in the cinema bar (which you can then take into your movie!).

        1. As others have said, it's worth getting out of the Wharf at least once or twice to visit more 'foodie' areas. You can easily get to East London to try good Indian food at Needoo Grill or Tayyabs, Pizza East (a new-ish popular pizza place) or Hawksmoor, which currently serves what many believe to be London's best burger.

          You could also bus/tube/cab to Clerkenwell (Farringdon/Smithfield/Old St/Barbican areas) and try places like Comptoir Gascon, Eastside Inn, St John, Bleeding Heart, etc. Plenty of nice old-world pubs in those areas too.

          In Canary Wharf itself, you can eat well (but not cheaply) at Roka. Prices are more reasonable downstairs in The Parlour which serves decent cocktails and Brit/Euro food. There's a new modern Euro smart-ish place called Battery (Google for menus etc) and this new-ish Turkish place, Hazev, looks worth a try:

          For quick lunches etc, there's Jamie's Italian, Wahaca and Tortilla (burritos). The Gun - a riverside gastro pub - is also popular, though I haven't been so can't vouch for it personally.

          You might find more ideas here:

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            Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Any more? I'll take 'em.
            It seems that I've at least got some options while I'm staying put. Of course I do plan to move around.
            Thanks again.

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              There really is not much exciting in Canary wharf istelf, so here are a few things around the Isle of Dogs in the surrounding area.

              If you want some curry, but a bit more upmarket than Whitechapel, Memsaheb on Thames is generally quite well received, especially after Delia Smith said it was her favourite Indian restaurtant!

              Its not too far from Canary Wharf (short DLR ride to crossharbour + walk.)

              I went there a couple of years ago, and it was quite nice. Can't comment since. Like hey_dahl, I used to like Spice Merchants but I think they've gone a little downhill recently, and the staff have become quite pushy to up-sell.

              Down near Island Gardens DLR, there's a Thai place called Elephant Royale. The food is perfectly fine – though not the most amazing Thai in London – but they have a great location by the water and they've done the inside up in pretty amazing thai style. They also have a large range of cocktails, so it's particularly nice on long summer evenings (you don't say when you'll be in London!)

              Slightly further afield for drinks, but still not too far is Narrow St, which has a few nice pubs for drinks, with great balconies overhanging the Thames. Particularly try The Grapes, which is a Dickensian pub (featured in his book "Our Mutual Friend"). Or for a more modern twist, Ramsay's gastropub The Narrow seems to inspire love/hate feelings in most people that visit.

              For really nice food in very quirky surroundings (how's a converted steam power station sound?) catch the D3 bus for a short ride to the Wapping Project. One of the big halls has been converted into a modern art gallery too, so you can look at the exhibits once you finish your meal.