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Jan 17, 2010 04:08 PM

South Florida Help...

Hope someone can help...I'm looking for a restaurant in South Florida that I can best describe as a Flat Grill, Mongolian-style all you can eat Stir Fry..ok, so it is difficult to describe.

For anyone who has traveled the country, there is Flat Top Grill in Chicago, Fire and Ice in the the North East, used to be a place in St. Petersburg FL called The Dish, BDs Mongolian Grill is mostly Mid west as well...its basically an create your own stir fry kind of place (not an all you can eat Asian or Sushi place.) where you can add whatever meats, veggies, rice or pasta, and choose from dozens of sauces to create your own custom meal.

Does anyone know of a place like these in the S. FL area? Stir Crazy is the closest I have found, but this is more Wok-cooking than a Flat Grill, and to me has less choices, isn't as good, and isn't all you can eat.


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  1. How about the Crazy Buffet in West Palm Beach? They are a decent buffet though they cost twice as much as your average Chinese buffet, maybe more.

    According to their website they have a habachi grill and also do a custom wok. They also have a lot of seafood on their buffet.

    Jennifer in Delray

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      I do not think they have the type of Mongolian-style grill that the original poster was looking for anywhere in South Florida.
      I wish they did. The closest thing does seem to be Stir Crazy, but as noted, it is not the flat top mongolian grill and also not AYCE