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Jan 17, 2010 04:02 PM

Last minute request: Tonight is our last night in SF - where should we eat?

Tonight (Sunday, 1/17/10) is our last evening in San Francisco. Where should we eat?

We're staying in Union Square (REALLY sleepy around here on the weekend, and we're willing to use the BART/Muni to get around).

Price point: as close to $20/person or less (not including drinks). Type of cuisine: we're up for anything.

Here's where we've eaten thus far so you can get an idea of our tastes (thanks to the MANY great reviews on Chowhound, and thanks to all you SF Bay area posters!):

Thursday - lunch at Bocadillos (excellent - we lived in Spain for a year, and were very impressed with the selections); coffee at Cafe Amici; dinner at Ideale (wow! great food, great price).

Friday - rented a car and headed north. Breakfast at Dipsea Cafe (nice way to start the day); coffee at Sunflower Cafe in Sonoma (creamiest espresso on the trip and great courtyard); lunch at the Sonoma Cheese Factory (sat outside with our favorite cheeses); dinner back in SF at Sanraku (we loved the miso, but didn't think our meal was anything special to write home about); dessert at Midi (the chocolate pot de creme was excellent).

Saturday - gluten-free cinnamon rolls from Mariposa's kiosk at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market (oh. my. goodness - crazy delicious); huevos rancheros at Mijita (loaded with fresh flavor); coffee at Blue Bottle kiosk (it made me feel 6 feet tall - I loved it!); lunch at El Farolito on 24th & Alabama (best cheap and cheerful burrito I've had in a long time); coffee at Philz (so good); dinner at Chez Panisse (So good, I'm not actually able to describe right now)

Sunday - coffee and almond croissant at Cafe Trieste (second best coffee we've had on the trip); brunch with a friend who lives here at Stacks (decent brunch).

Any suggestions will be much appreciated - I know it's last minute. We tend to really love Italian and Californian cuisine.

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  1. Sorry for the duplicate posting - the internet cut out here at the hotel, and I accidentally posted twice.

    1. Flour + Water - - fairly new, heard it fills up fast

      There's always Sultan for Indian nearby.

      1. I *heart* LoLo's on 22nd in the Mission. Very good food (Yucatanese and Turkish fusion), plus it has a distinctly quirky SF flavor to it. They have an amazing Shrimp taco w/ sliced jicama for the shell which are too yummy and the cheesecake is to die for.

        1. Delfina's Pizzeria -- you may have to wait for a table, but try the counter, or outside. Exactly what you are asking for California -- Italian and superb. Should cost you about $60-70 with drinks. Split one pizza and have some of their wonderful veggies as a first course. Guererro and 18th St. Muni get off at Market and Church and walk for about 10 min. Or take the F trolley to Guerrero and Market and walk down Guerrero. This is a real SF experience -- neighborhood place.