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Jan 17, 2010 04:01 PM

Please recommend a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. [London]

Are they very difficult to get into?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. if you give enough notice they are not difficult to get into. you can book via their website.

    the only one i've liked is murano which is angela hartnett's place. i've also eaten at maze, boxwood and claridges and was unimpressed by them all. having said that, there is a lot of love for maze on these boards.

    eta: york & albany was nice enough - v good value lunch deal but dreadful service.

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      Had a genuinely good lunch with work colleagues at York and Albany last week. The room is very elegant, possibly a little cold, but service was very warm, smiley and competent.

      They coped with eight of us very well. I had beef carpaccio with mooli and braised snails - a curious combination but it really did work. The egg raviolo and the scallops with anchovy beignet were also much shared!

      For mains, pork belly with cauliflower puree and greens, very good, though the crackling could have been more so. My neighbour's rabbit leg was fantastic.

      Puddings were extremely tempting but we had to dash, alas.

      May become a work lunch stalwart.

    2. It depends a bit on your timing.

      I expect the "hot ticket" will be the re-launch of Petrus after his acrimonious split from Marcus Wareing. GR has a lot riding on this new opening (I think I read Feb 2010 as a new opening date but can't find the source) and it looks like he is going all out for a high quality place. Wareing retained two stars at the "old Petrus" so expect GR to try and beat this given the public stoush between the two, thus it is going to get a lot of focus from him to make it work.

      Apart from that his top restaurant is "Restaurant Gordon Ramsay" in Royal Hospital Road, still has three stars here so it is the best in his stable. It is criticised for being stuck in a bit of a time warp, but the other way of looking at that is GR is still delivering the food that earned him three stars to start with and isn't innovating for innovations sake. He isn't in the kitchen here (or anywhere) but Clare Smyth is one of his star chefs.

      I liked both Maze and Claridge's but for me neither generate a strong pull to return.

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        Following up:
        I ate at both Maze and Claridge's.
        Maze was good but not Claridge's really kinda blew me away as far as London food went.
        (obnoxiousness to follow...) I can see why his restaurant in New York closed. The food I had in both places already exists in any number of NYC restaurants.

        1. re: il Trifulau

          Petrus is taking bookings from Monday and opens 29th March.

          I did a masterclass with Clare Smyth at Royal Hospital Road and am going back there next week for dinner. She is awesome and the food & service were both fantastic.

          I also like Maze, but the atmosphere is a lot less formal.

          1. re: il Trifulau

            "Maze was good but not Claridge's really kinda blew me away as far as London food went. "

            Any chance of having that in English?

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              To be fair, I'm not sure if the poster meant that Maze was good, but not Claridges, or that Maze was good but not. And Claridges was good?! il Trifulau do you think you could elaborate on what you found good/bad? I have never eaten at Maze but am keen to try, however recent reviews have been pretty mixed.
              Will be very interesting to see what happens at Petrus - Ramsay really needs to prove himself now more than ever as a great chef, not just an annoying shouty celebrity chef - he really is starting on the back foot with this opening.

              1. re: timmy_s

                Hmmm. I guess I left a word out, Mr. Smarty ;-)
                Maze was a very good dinner, but not nearly the overall experience that Claridge's was for me. Save for a rough-around-the-edges cheeseboy (funny exchange with a young opinionated fromagier at Claridge's who questioned my choices) the 3-course lunch was the best food and service, in a loverly room, I'd had during my stay in the city.
                A close second was Locanda Locatelli, but it's kind of apples and oranges.

                Also loved the Connaught Hotel.

                1. re: il Trifulau

                  I obviously read your first post incorrectly, as this seems to be the opposite. I thought you didn't like either of them and were quite dismissive of London food.

                  In my book a "young opinionated fromagier at Claridge's who questioned my choices" is a good thing - I like to be educated by people who know their stuff.

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                    Me too. I absolutely do appreciate direction from the informed, that's not what was going on between me and the fromagier, though.

                    And to comment on "London food", in general: the very good stuff was very expensive to me and my US dollars. The pub food was solid but boring after the second and third meal.
                    A good (somewhat) middle ground was found at Le Caprice.

                    I do very much like the consistent selections of wines by the glass in nearly all establishments with reliable choices from Spain and France. By contrast, in America, we're constantly being offered big and horrible California cabernets and oaky chardonnays.

                    Loved that London's Pride beer as well.

          2. I think Claridges might be a great shout right now. It's a wounded animal after losing a star and will be all guns blazing to get it back.

            Well this is just a generic prediction, I've not even eaten there myself! But any high profile restaurant taking a hit like that is probably worth at least looking at.

            1. maze is fantistic, jason atherton is a genius

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                I ate there again recently and wasn't as overwhelmed as some other visits. Maybe it was just an off night for the kitchen. My companion complained about two dishes being oversalted, and she is not a picky eater and travels the world and knows her stuff.

                I do find it a really fun sort of night out and something different. The service is always fine but those little nibbles sure do add up when it comes to the bill!