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Jan 17, 2010 03:56 PM

New Chinese Cherry Hill - Hong Kong Fusion

Have been to this new Chinese Restaurant on Rte 70 in Cherry Hill 3 times now and have been impressed each time. The food is a bit more upscale than most Chinese choices in the area, but the price point still very moderate.
The sauces tend to be lighter, not overpowering the protein's flavor. Tonight I had the Shrimp and Scallops in garlic sauce but can also recommend the Pork Chop in Black bean I had on my first visit, The pork chop was the most tender I have ever had. My wife had the duck which was crispy and not fatty. Last time she had Salmon which was also very good.
Its new and just put a banner up so very empty with attentive service. We'll see what happens when they get busier but this is one place I hope makes it.

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  1. What's the name of this restaurant? Do you have an address?

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    1. re: wench31

      Hong Kong Fusion. It is on Rt 70 in the shopping center next to Marketplace (Bobby Chez, Megu...).

    2. Went for lunch today. Aweful. Sat down at 12:30 and was the only one in the rest. during my 45 mins stay. I order chicken and broccoli which I never eat at my favorite spots but that meal is the litmus test for me for the rest of the food.

      The sauce was putrid. Sweet, inconsistent and bland.

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      1. re: shoeman

        Too bad you didn't have the Shanghai juicy dumplings, or the peppery shrimp, or any of the dishes on the menu that are truly Hong Kong style and can't be found anywhere else in South Jersey. If you order chicken and broccoli, you might as well go to a takeout, not a white tablecloth place like this.

        1. re: mrpickwick

          (I realize this is an old thread but I was looking for Cherry Hill restaurants.)

          IMHO, it's not fair to say that shoeman should have ordered Hong Kong style dishes and it's his fault he got something that wasn't very good. If the restaurant is serving something, they should make it good. if they can't, they shouldn't serve it.

          And even if he should have ordered "Hong Kong style" dishes, just how is someone to know which they are?

            1. re: shoeman

              1) Look for dishes with which you're unfamiliar.

              2) Ask the waiter.

              The soupy dumplings are excellent there, though the oysters are even better, and the fish dishes are unbelievable.

              Knowing the nuances of Chinese food (or Thai or Vietnamese) is helpful, which is why it always pays to ask.

              Eleeper, did you find a restaurant you like? If Asian is your cup of tea (so to speak), Siri's, which is Thai-French, won't disappoint you. We now have a plethora of Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese restaurants and a number of very good Greek, Italian, and Middle Eastern places.

              1. re: mrpickwick

                Well, I don't actually need the info until November, when we go to a convention in CH, but I try to look these things up when I think of them, rather than forgetting altogether.

                In the past we've eaten at Pho Barclay and Red, Hot & Blue. (I realize the latter is probably not that great, but we and the friend we always eat with like the food well enough.

                1. re: eleeper

                  If you are looking for CH area restaurants -- I would definitely recommend Siris for French Thai and Sakura Spring for Japanese/Chinese. Aldo Lamberts has great italian and seafood.

        2. re: shoeman

          Don't know how they stay in business? Always empty and mediocre food.

        3. I went to this restaurant in January 2011 and it was great. Flash forward January 2012 and not good at all. Mediocre service, food, and atmosphere. What a difference a year makes. Agreed - not sure why/how they are still in business.