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Jan 17, 2010 03:45 PM

Wonderfarm Bird's Nest White Fungus Drink

Has anyone tried this? I saw it at T&T Supermarket here in Alberta, Canada. T&T is the go-to Asian grocery store. The ingredients are water, sugar, "white fungus" and "birds nest"; it comes in a can that looks like an energy drink. I found a photo of it online here:

Anyways, I bought a bottle (it was only $1.25!) and mailed it to my brother (okay, postage was $10...) in hopes that he and his roommates can find a way to make a delicious cocktail out of it.

However, I still want to hear what it tastes like!

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  1. it's best eaten chilled. simple syrup with lots of interesting textures. very light dessert. white fungus is good for the complexion. go have some!

    1. It'll be sweet, but not overpoweringly so. Really just a mild taste that's complemented by the slippery (some say "slimy") texture of the white fungus.

      Pic below is what the contents of the can look like.