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Jan 17, 2010 03:13 PM

Critique my Valentine's Day Brunch menu!

I'm planning on serving this picnic-style as a surprise for my beloved. Here is my menu so far. Feel free to critique my choices!

1 - Veggie Quiche (not too rich since I wil be serving sandwiches too. Any favorite recipes out there? I was thinking of a light spinach quiche with feta or goat cheese.

2 - Prosciutto and Mozzarella sandwich - with pesto sauce and tomatoes. I would love to make it a panini, but I'm afraid it won't be warm and the bread will be soggy, so it will just have to be a sandwich. What type of bread? Ciabatta? Baguette?

3 - Salad - mixed greens with pears, gorgonzola, and sweet walnuts. Our favorite salad from our favorite restaurant with a walnut-raspberry dressing.

4 - Big Challenge - heart-shaped Raspberry Cheesecakes. I bought these really cute heart shaped individual springform pans. I will be using Martha Stewart's raspberry swirl cheesecake recipe. Any ideas on how to incorporate white chocolate into this recipe? How should I alter the recipe to make 3 or 4 of these cakes? The original recipe is for a 9 inch pan, so I'm thinking about 4 or 5 small hearts per 1 full recipe. Maybe I'll just make the whole thing and see how far it takes me. Or halve it.

5 - Maybe also a small cheese and fruit platter to munch on

What else would you add? Take out? I'm open to suggestions!

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  1. Seriously? Individually, these all sound like good dishes but my immediate reaction is waaaay too much cheese. Yes, such a thing *is* possible! Also, generally just too much for only two people.

    I'd lose the sandwiches, for starters. Quiche and salad (that sounds like a delicious salad) and some nice crusty bread on the side will be plenty. Skip the cheese and fruit plate too, at least the cheese part. A fruit salad or plate of nicely sliced and presented fruits would be better.

    I'm not sure I'd serve cheesecake to follow quiche and a salad containing cheese. I would probably prefer a chocolate-raspberry brownie. You could make these in your heart shaped pans and drizzle them with a little white chocolate. If your heart pans only took half of the brownie batter, you could cook the rest in a loaf pan and save them for another meal where presentation wasn't so important.

    It's taken me a long, long time to learn not to make too much food for special occasions. But really, just because it's a special occasion doesn't mean you can eat five times as much as usual. Twice will be plenty. ;)

    1. i probably wouldn't serve a quiche ahead of a sandwich. maybe some honeyed figs with green herbs.

      personally i'd rather have lox, bagels and creram cheese than a ham/cheese sandwich. more elegant would be cold poached salmon and bread, and dressings.

      speaking as a guy, i don't think i'd need or want a cheese/fruit plate after cheesecake. dessert and an invitation to the other room would be dandy on valentines day.

      1. Skip the quiche and sandwiches and serve Monte Cristo sandwiches (ham&cheese in French toast form) plus the salad and the cheesecake. Optional: a small cup of cream of tomato or other pureed soup. Maybe a little bit of fruit (melon/grapes/berries &/or pineapple) on the plate with the sandwiches.

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          I love your ambition! And devotion to your beloved! And also concur with Ferdzy if it will just be the two of you. (Have fun!!)

        2. Was it your intention to serve cheese in every course? I have to agree with the other posters in that unless it is your express intention to fit cheese in every dish, you have too much and too many varieties of cheese that is going to take away from each other.

          If you do indeed want to serve cheese at every course, then you should start with the mildest to the, you have the mildest, the cheesecake at the end of the meal and a strong cheese, feta or goat at the beginning of the meal.

          My suggestion is that you keep the quiche, but don't add cheese or add the cheese but lose it in sandwich...and serve with the salad which is fine as is....instead of making sandwiches way you have it, why not make crostini, you can use toasted sliced baguette with the with tomatoes and prosciutto (which is great oven crispy, by the way) ...this way, it's not too filling...

          Definitely don't need the cheese in the fruit platter...If you're going to keep the cheesecake and want to make the entire recipe, you don't need to alter it other than making extra crust, the filling should stay the same and you have to adjust the cooking time.

          1. i agree that the sandwich is unnecessary.. instead, maybe just some marinated grilled vegetables. -mushrooms, eggplant, asparagus, etc.

            add for the salad, if you want to cut down on the cheese overlap, i'd go for something more acidic, using hearts of palm and artichoke hearts...

            for dessert, i'd say just choc dipped strawberries :-)

            happy loving!