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Jan 17, 2010 02:28 PM

Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, Playa del Carmen: Dining Recs, Groceries?

Renting a villa for a week in Puerto Aventuras. For the majority of the week, we're planning to cook our own food (pretty nice kitchen). But one night, we'd like to go out to eat somewhere local (Puerto Aventuras or even a few miles south to Akumal), and one night we're playing in Playa de Carmen and want a good place for dinner while we're there.

(1) Restaurant recs in Puerto Aventuras or Akumal
Doesn't need to be fancy (though it can be), just good. Several on the trip are in the restaurant industry on trip—so would definitely prefer authentic over fancied-up-for-Americans.

(2) Restaurant recs in Playa del Carmen
Ditto above.

(3) Best grocery shopping options for the week.
A little nervous about the quality of meat/produce in area and willing to drive a bit to stock up. Any words of wisdom or recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. For Playa del Carmen for dinner I would recommend El Fogon. Authentic Mexican.

    1. Great restaurants in Playa del Carmen.........Wickys and Cocina 38 both world class, great wine lists, a little spendy but outstanding food and service. For shopping go to Sams Club or Wal Mart in Playa. Look on Trip Advisor for restaurant ratings. Do Not go to Yaxce or Di Vino.

      1. Hi Jolyon,
        I'm just curious if you have gone on your trip yet? We are going to be in Puerto Aventuras in May for one week and I'm trying to do some research on where the best places are to do our grocery shopping. We will probably go out for dinner/drinks quite a bit but we definitely want to make good use of the rooftop BBQ that our house has.
        Any information you could pass along would be much appreciated.

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          We were in Tulum about a month ago. One of the best meals we ate was at Lucy's Too in Akumal. I had the fish tacos and DH had the filet (we had been snorkeling, so we were hungry for fish), and both were outstanding. I think we paid $25.

          I don't remember seeing a real grocery around the Akumal exit, but I wasn't looking for one either.

          The pastries at the St. Francis market in Tulum were really good (and cheap), but it depends on where you want to stop for food- that doesn't help if you want to stop in PDC (although you could hit the ruins and stop on your way back).