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Jan 17, 2010 02:19 PM

Lockhart TX

Ok..I posted earlier about a Hills Country roadtrip..I'm am now willing to stop into's the question...Black's, Smitty's or Kreuz???? Only 1's get the tryout.

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  1. i did that road trip in november for the first time and tried small portions of brisket at all three in succession for lunch the same day. Kreuz serves a relatively dry brisket not to my taste but quality of meat was fine. Black's and Smittys (which is in the former Kreuz building) serve a less lean and tastier brisket that i much preferred. i also tried the sausage at Kreuz and Smitty's and they both were very satisfying -- with a taste and a texture that is much different than any sausage i have ever had. one bit of advice unless you have a huge appetite avoid the sides. though i did not try any they did not look like anything special. i do hope that you enjoy your roadtrip to Lockhart as much as i enjoyed mine.

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      so..for a single stop...which one???

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        my favorite for both food and ambience was smitty's!

        1. re: biga290

          Thanks!! That's the feeling i've had after reading so many post/articles!!

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            I just at there back on January 8th with my sister and her fiance.
            We tried Smitty's this time, and really enjoyed it.Now we got a pound each of ribs, brisket, prime rib and a small sausage link.We didn't get any sides except bread.It was a meatextravaganza .
            Black's which we had in November 2008 when they came from New York for Thanksgiving was also very good.
            We didn't park in back of Smitty's but rather in the front, by the courthouse.Man,was that a cold day. Next visit we want to try Kreuz's.

            1. re: HollyDolly

              you may want to check and see if they do a smoked pork chop on your next visit. In my experience these places all do a good job on that one too. You might need a third belly for that though :)

    2. If you can only go to one, it has to be Smitty's. No contest. On any given day, the quality of the meat might vary from place to place, and even from brisket to brisket, so it's impossible (to me anyway) to label one or the other "best." It's like steak - or any other organic product. You can do everything exactly the same and one bite is transcendental; the next, not so much. So it's always a little bit of a crapshoot. That's one reason why I, and many others, would never go to Lockhart and go to just one place. You just get about a quarter-pound (if that) of brisket per person, and one hot link, and enjoy it. It takes about 15 minutes or so. A half-hour at the most, if the line is long. And then pack up and hit the next place and do the same thing.

      But at Smitty's, the main constant is that building, the old Kreuz Market, established in 1900. It's like the holy temple of central Texas barbecue. Pull into the gravel back parking lot, right off of 183, and go in through the back door, like all the locals do. Do not miss taking a complete tour through that rambling building. It's absolutely amazing.

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      1. re: Jaymes

        I'd take a swing by City Market in Luling, less than 20 minutes away.

        1. re: James Cristinian

          Yes. And I just did that exact thing. On Friday. Drove from Houston up to Austin via HWY183 and Luling and Lockhart. Snacked my way north at City Market, Smitty's and Black's, and bought plenty extra for the freezer.

          Tomorrow I'll head back to Houston. Via HWY 71 and Weikel's and Hruska's.

        2. re: Jaymes

          Agreed. Overall experience at Smitty's is beyond that of City Market, and food is better than Black's (haven't had Kreutz's) and better than City Market. When I entered Smitty's, late-afternoon on a Tuesday, the corridor was dark and smoky and seemed abandoned until I turned into the small market. I liked everything about Smitty's.

          1. re: lachristian

            I want to thank you for taking the time to get back with us (both here and in that other thread). We get so many requests here for tips about the barbecue. Most often, we take the time to write out something, but never hear back.

            So again, thanks, lachristian!