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Best green onion pancake in SGV?

Where is your favorite green onion pancake in the San Gabriel Valley?

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  1. New Golden City, Earthen, and Dean Sin World are all very good.

    1. My current favorite 蔥油餅 is at China Islamic in Rosemead (7727 Garvey).

      Use a napkin to soak up the oil first when it's served, but then.... whoa Nelly! That's good...

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        Second China Islamic, but I never had Earthen.

          1. Mandarin Deli...pancake is thick, chewy and rustic like.

            728 South Atlantic Boulevard
            Monterey Park, CA‎ - (626) 289-2891‎

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            1. re: monku

              Hmm, that's not really the way scallion pancakes should be like.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                You say.
                Mandarin Deli's been around longer than most of the other places serving scallian pancakes.

                1. re: monku

                  Pretty soon, we'll be debating scallion pancakes in the same way we've been debating XLB.

                  1. re: raytamsgv

                    My thoughts exactly. Scallion pancakes at ten paces :-)

                    I'll have to try Dean Sin World's. I love that place, their XLB and earhole/earwax cakes.

                    Any other recommendations on the west side of the SGV?

                    1. re: JThur01

                      In most places in the US, people would be debating about a topic such as the best Chinese restaurant around. Here, we debate about specific dishes from particular regional cuisines. That's pretty mind-blowing to me.

                      1. re: raytamsgv

                        Next on the agenda is the type of scallions that should be used, and how big they should be cut ...

                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          It just occurred to me that monku may actually be referring to the baked sesame bread with scallions (香蔥芝麻大餅), a different animal altogether...

                          1. re: J.L.

                            There are items sold as green onion pancakes which have the diameter of a typical green onion pancake, but which are an inch or more thick, as opposed to crispy thin.

                  2. re: monku

                    Gotta side with ipse on this one.

                    A restaurant's longevity has no correlation with its recipes.

                    1. re: monku

                      "Mandarin Deli's been around longer than most of the other places serving scallian [sic] pancakes."



                      McDonald's has been around longer than most of the other places serving burgers ...

                      Suffice it to say, longevity has very little correlation with quality.

                      1. re: ipsedixit

                        OP asked
                        "Where is your favorite green onion pancake in the San Gabriel Valley?"

                        Mandarin Deli that's my opinion, not yours.

                  3. re: monku

                    I had a really good one here, as well as a not-so-good one. I didn't find it to be much thicker than that at any other places, but it was nice and crispy. Supposedly they are made without lard / beef fat, at least if the owner's telling the truth.

                  4. yung ho in the mall across from 888 on valley near the rosemead san gabriel line.
                    101 noodle has a decent one.

                    in general - i don't really order these as much as i did maybe 15 years ago or so.

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                    1. re: Jerome

                      The "grease factor" in Yung Ho has increased exponentially in the last year, so I don't go there anymore. This includes their scallion pancakes.

                    2. I really liked the one at the M.P. Noodle House with the original owners. Crispy with absolutely no grease and you could really taste the scallions. I haven't been to the Rowland Heights version, but hope they still do their pancakes that way.

                      1. I tried my first one yesterday and I just had to click this post, the place I went to was the Mandarin Noodle House in Monterey Park. It was pretty tasty, my dad has been going there for 15 years now and he orders it almost every time :)

                        1. Perhaps the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) green onion pancakes! Perfect balance of onion to pancake. Fried to perfection. Great aroma, taste and texture. Succulently satisfying yet not at all greasy.

                          Noodle House
                          18219 Gale Ave
                          Rowland Heights, CA 91748
                          (626) 839-8806

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                          1. re: degustateur

                            Been there, had that. Not salty enough.

                            Mind you, I'm not a salt monster, BUT there is point to where the word "bland" comes into the picture.

                            1. re: J.L.

                              Me too, and high blood pressure runs in my family :|

                          2. Dumpling House on Rosemead across the street from the Hometown Buffet plaza followed by Earthern