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Jan 17, 2010 01:40 PM

Hot Springs NC - Iron Horse Station

There aren't a lot of options between Asheville & Hot Springs so we were glad to find this to be a good lunch spot in downtown Hot Springs. Everything seemed house made and soups and chilli were flavorful and well seasoned. Salads was fresh and dressing was made in house as well...

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  1. Traveling from SC to Knoxville, I took the Hot Springs route in early December. Enjoyed lunch at the Iron Horse Station. They had a nice fire in the fire place.

    1. Hi.

      There's a new chef at the Iron Horse, Andy Clark. There's also Spring Creek Tavern and Still Mountain, as well as the diner which has been in Hot Springs for decades.

      Thought I'd mention . . .

      1. There was a review of some Hot Springs restaurants in the Asheville Citizen-Times last week that can be found at:

        If that doesn't work, it's in the Asheville Scene part of the website. I think that non-subscribers get 10 free articles per month.