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Jan 17, 2010 01:24 PM

Perilla - A great experience

Recently got a chance to visit Perilla and we were not disappointed. I would definitely recommend this restaurant. Originally we had plans to go to Degustation (will get there as well) but I am very glad our plans changed as all in our party gave it two thumbs up.

We had the tasting menu which was made up mostly of a variety of the regular menu items. The waiter had mentioned there may be some things that would not be on the menu but the only thing that was not the on the menu was the amuse bouche which was scallops. Really good and even had a small slice of grapefruit in it. That was followed by (and I am sure I have this order incorrect) crab with this excellent fish roe that kind of crunches and melts in your mouth. I am a sucker for roe. Then Sea bass. Third was this ravioli with egg yolk where you break the yolk and it runs over the ravioli. There were truffles on it but I am not a truffle fan and thought they were probably not necessary. Then there was a double does of duck. One of these was a duck meatball with a little bit of mint which we all really loved. Probably the favorite item overall. The dessert was a souffle with a nice presentation where you break it and pour in what I recall as being chocolate sauce given to you on the side (note: at this point the wine was kicking in so got fuzzy).

I think I left one item out and I probably didn't do them justice. I probably didn't pay enough attention to some of the details to recall them but I can tell you that all 4 of us were very happy with our choice that evening. One of the best dining experiences I've had in the city for some time. And not overly expensive. I think the tasting menu is $70/person but what sets you back is the wine by the glass. We opted for this due to the multi courses and it added up although we got out of there at at about 120/person I think. So not cheap but well worth it.

Now I just have to try to get to Degustation.

9 Jones Street, New York, NY 10014

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  1. always been a fan of perilla...great for nearly every occasion.

    ive been to degustation maybe 3x and i like it but have never been impressed with his food. nothing ever knocked me off my butt.

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      Really? It has a good rep on here from what I can read. Anything in particular that makes you say that - food, service, etc.? Sounds like you are referring to the food.

      1. re: StrongIsland

        i've loved degustation every time ive been there.....

        haven't been to perilla yet

    2. I went to Perilla three years ago on my birthday and it was fantastic. I haven't been back because there are so many great restaurants to try, but I recommend it all the time. Glad you enjoyed!

      1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Perilla is one of my favorites. But do try Degustation. It is a very different experience, not to be missed. With Perilla, it is so good but will appeal to just about everyone, while Degustation is more dependent on your appreciation of the type of food they are serving , so you may love it or you may say "not bad but..." as sam1 seems to be saying. Give it a chance.

        1. we walked in on saturday for an early dinner. the place was full by 6:30. my wife & son both had the lola rosa salad w/mango & manchego and the hanger steak. rave reviews. I had the sea bass -- perfectly done w/a crunchy/salty crust. not sure the dish needed pork rib pieces too but that's par for the course these days -- overkill IMO. started with the calamari salad which tasted fine at first -- good chili/lime dressing -- but turned out to be too greasy as the greens were fried too. we got cocktails as the wines by the glass looked tiny at the next table.again, par for the course in NYC these days
          we've been to every restaurant that's occupied this space and Perilla is near the top.

          1. i am going on wednesday and now looking forward to it A LOT.