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Jan 17, 2010 12:22 PM

Dinner in Brighton?

I'm moving to Brighton at the end of the month, and move-in weekend coincides with my parents' 40th anniversary. My brother and his family will be coming down from Maine to help with the move and we thought we could all go out and celebrate the anniversary that night. Are there any restaurants in Brighton that would fit the bill for an anniversary dinner for six adults and two children (ages 4 and 7)? We're not limited to that neighborhood, but just thought it would be easy since we'll be there already. Recs in Cleveland Circle, Watertown, Brookline and beyond are welcome, too. Thanks!

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  1. There are LOADS of choices, but I'd need more info. - like, how high/low-end do you want to be? What kinds of food do you all like? I can't think of anything in Brighton on the fancier side, but there are tons of delicious, very informal places that serve great, mostly "ethnic" foods. Give us more details and I'm sure people will chime in. Welcome!


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    1. re: gansu girl

      We are open to any type of cuisine. As for how high- or low-end, we don't want anything white tablecloth, but not a pizza place either. Something like an upscale pub, really good ethnic eatery, or something else that is nice, but not super fancy. I was just looking around and found:
      These seem to be the vein we're looking for. Are they good? Anything else similar in price/style? One requirement is that the place have a full bar; dad needs to have his Dewars.


      1. re: TownSpa

        Stockyard is an old style steakhouse, Good steaks, solid if unspectacular, full bar.

        Tasca is a tapas place, not nearly as good as almost any other tapas place in Boston. I'd avoid it, but it does have a full bar.

        Devlin's is nice place with decent food, probably the nicest room on your list, full bar, one of our standby's for a quick bite.

        Jasmine - don't know if you mean Jasmine Bistro (Brighton Center), or Jasmine (Watertown). Haven't been to the Watertown restaurant, but Jasmine Bistro is nice, pretty expensive, and kind of odd (the owner is quite the character). Not sure I'd go there with kids, plus it is very small.

        As for what others have suggested, I'm not as big of a fan of Stellina's as the other poster, but it certainly wasn't horrible, Casa Pedro isn't horrible either, but the only thing I ever order in there are the short ribs.

        Esperia Grill in Brighton Center is very good (Greek food), but doesn't have a full bar license.

        Of the places that have been listed, I'd choose either the Stockyard or Devlin's.

        1. re: kimfair1

          I agree re Stockyard - really nothing special. I've never been to Tasca or Jasmine in Brighton, but aside from its oddities, Jasmine does get love on this board. I have been to Devlin's many times, and I agree it's the nicest room of any of these, but in my experience the food is only meh. Not at all worth the trip.

          Stellina is reliable , not spectacular, but I think it's the best suggestion so far - nice cozy room and good Italian choices. Casa de Pedro is also only OK - of those two Stellina is by far the better choice.

          If you like Thai, Amarin in Newton Corner (very close to Watertown Square where Stellina is located) has very good food and a nice atmosphere. Not super fancy, but definitely not a hole in the wall, either. Of all these, this or Stellina would be my pick.

          I'll try to think of other choices in those areas . . . .


        2. re: TownSpa

          The Stockyard might fit the bill for this type of outing. As stated it's an unspectular, but solid, old-school steakhouse. Not expensive. It's big and busy, Pretty good steaks (not at the level of upscale places like Morton's, etc.). Dad will get his Dewars. You will all have a pleasant time.

          1. re: pemma

            The more I think of this, the more I think the Stockyard is the right answer. As noted, it's not going to be a GREAT meal, but it's going to be a solid old-school family steakhouse meal with a decent kiddie menu and plenty for them to look at, as well as a full bar for dad. I say pick that one.

      2. I like Stellina's in Watertown. Nice atmosphere, casual N. Italian based food. Full bar. Consistent.

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        1. re: lergnom

          maybe casa pedro in watertown - festive, good bar, family friendly. ok food

        2. This is easy.
          Carlo's in Allston.
          goodambiance, great food and it's italian so almost everyone should like it.

          While Esperia grill is very good, it doesn't have the ambiance that your probably looking for. Also Allston has a ton of great ethnic restaurants, but again, it doesn't sounds like that fits the bill in this case.

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          1. re: tysonmcneely

            How about the Reagle Beagle in Coolidge Corner, Brookline? Nice atmosphere, I love the food.

            1. re: CookieLee

              The RB is far too small and crowded to risk taking this size group with kids. I know this board isn't fond of Golden Temple but it can easily accommodate a group this size, has a kid friendly menu, and a great bar. It's expensive American Chinese but, while I am in the minority, I find the food very good.

            2. re: tysonmcneely

              I didn't put Carlo's down as the OP wanted a place with a full bar, and they only have a beer and wine license, though I agree that it would be the best restaurant of those mentioned.

              1. re: kimfair1

                same problem as Reeagle Beagle - Carlo's is great but the seating isn't great for 8 people including two little ones, in addition to not having a full bar. Devlin's would be comfortable as several have suggested, though the food will not be memorable, nor would Stockyard's food be memorable, but both would have ok food and decent bars. Privius might be fun (good korean and japanese food especially the korean fried chicken which is downright addictive, and a good bar) but I don't think of it as a place to take kids (though I think they'd be fine there).

                1. re: teezeetoo

                  Yes! Privus for their bonchon chicken - a super tasty, unique take on fried chicken.

            3. Delvlin's sounds like it would fit your need in Brighton. Also Washington Square Tavern in Brookline, Lineage in Coolidge Corner, Family Turkish Restaurant in Brookline Village.

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              1. re: chuck s

                Family Turkish Restaurant is a gem, but the atmosphere is NOT special-occasion. It's basically a diner. Great, great food, but not where I'd send a family celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary. And would they have that Dewar's for Dad? I think they may serve beer & wine only.