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Jan 17, 2010 12:11 PM

whole local shrimp

local shrimp are $2 a pound, head on, at intershell seafood, which just opened a retail place (this has probably already been covered, but I've been out of the country)

Would people suggest cooking these head on, or heading them first, for a peel-and-eat session?


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  1. nice deal on Maine shrimp. tastee. steam em, fry em, 2 min boil em in beer

    Just don't cook em too long

    Suck the heads if you like some bold shrimpy goodness


    1. Leave the head on and wok them alt and pepper style.

      1. Definietly cook head on, they're juicier and more flavouful.

        I have great summer memories of grilling whole white shrimp that had been marinated in EVOO/lemon juice/cilantro. Yum.

        For whole maine shrimp maybe marinate and broil? You might even try not peeling them. (I've got to do this)

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          very brief marinade

          You can eat em with the shells on and eat the shells