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Jan 17, 2010 11:59 AM

Rice Select Royal Blend Whole Grain varieties: Do you love 'em, too?

File under "good and good for ya"...we have a canister of Texmati brown and red rice with barley & rye. Just made some to go with leftover Indian food. Have yet to try a variety I didn't like. How 'bout you?

There are coupons on the site if that sweetens the deal for anyone.

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  1. Really? No one else eats this? It's even tastier if you cook it with chicken stock instead of water, as I did tonight.

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      I've seen it in the stores, kattyeyes - just haven't purchased it. It looks similar to a blend I bought at Walnut Acres in central Pennsylvania when I lived out there 20+ years ago. I'll have to try it out - thanks!

    2. This is the brand I prefer for all rice, and I really like their blend with the barley in it.