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Jan 17, 2010 11:42 AM

Asking for recommendations in Arlington, VA & DC

Hello. We will be Arlington/DC next month for a family reunion, Wednesday through Sunday. I would really appreciate some fellow Chowhound advice. Ideally these would all be accessible via the Metro.

1. What is your favorite family/group friendly restaurants in Arlington (10-12 people). Ideally it would be low key after a full day of hiking the museums.
2. What is your favorites chef tasting menu that I can still get reservations for (can be in DC or surrounding areas).
3. Favorite street food in Arlington / DC?

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

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  1. 1. Ray's the steaks, boulevard woodgrill
    2. the inn at little washington
    3. bulgogi cart at 14th and vermont

    1. 1. Ray's or Liberty Tavern
      2. Marcel's
      3. El Pollo Rico or Pupatella

      1. 1. 2Amys or Matchbox Chinatown (closer)
        2. not sure
        3. El Charrito Caminante or Super Pollo or (Food Cart Pupatella just Thursdays and Fridays)

        1. Just have a #2 to add - Tasting Room at Restaurant Eve (in Alexandria, just next to Arlington)

          1. Cafe Assorti in Arlington for hearty soups (borscht, mushroom), dumplings, stuffed breads, and interesting vegetable salads (especially the carrot, beet with walnuts, and the pickled vegetables). This is a great place to eat family style. Eastern European/Central Asian bent.

            Chef's tasting menu for 10-12 people?

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              Thanks, Steve. There will be a "smaller" group for the chef's tasting menu - but for most of our meals it will be 10-12 of us. Thanks to all for these suggestions and keep them coming!