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Jan 17, 2010 11:27 AM

Smoke Shack--Mall of NH, Manchvegas

If you are sucked into the vortex of our local hell known as the Mall of New Hampshire, you can find respite at the Food Court--the Smoke Shack of Boscawen has a branch there. We had pretty good ribs, ok brisket and tasty mac n cheese. The cajun fries were great! Far better than Sarku Japan or Master Wok. They said that business has been a little slow, so give it a try before another ribs joint bites the dust in our fair town.

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  1. I forgot they opened a branch but their Boscawen place is closest to us. I always get the mac n cheese. Usually the baked beans are my second choice. Originally I checked out their cole slaw because I make cole slaw for the church suppers and I am very fussy about cole slaw. Theirs was good but I don't usually order it. Do they still make their own slaw in Manchester? I usually order the brisket and usually lilke it. The servings are large so I usually get a second meal from one of their dinners.

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      the slaw was pretty good. Aside from Famous Dave's (a must to avoid), Manch is down to this place and KC's on the west side. Any other bbq spots in the nabe?

    2. hey, start that NOLA thread, forgot about an excellent lunch/breakfast joint to share - gem!!! or just look for my comments on recent NOLA topics.

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        1. Shows how much I know about the Mall. I live 2 miles away and avoid that place like the plague. It is like a teenagers breeding experiment! However, I do have to guy to Best Buy... maybe I will check it out.