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Jan 17, 2010 11:07 AM

Kosher Restaurant Wedding New York

Does anyone know of any restaurant in the New York city area (Long Island, Westchester, NJ, etc. ok too) that has room for a party of about 100 people plus space for dancing? This will be a nonreligious wedding.

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  1. TRy Abigails at 1407 Broadway, NY 10018

    1. What is your budget? How food-adventurous do you want to be?

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      1. re: GilaB

        Our maximum budget is $60 per person, including alcohol (just wine is ok). Ideally it will be less then this. We are food adventurous. Abigails is pretty expensive for what you get.

        1. re: VikLiz

          Colbeh, in any of their locations? (Manhattan, Kew Gardens Hills in Queens, several on Long Island) It's Persian food. I've liked it when I've eaten at the restaurants, but that's not at all recently (my husband always vetoes it, not sure why), and have never been to an affair they catered. I know they did a small wedding for friends-of-friends a few years back who were very happy with it. In looking at their website, I see that they've apparently opened a small catering hall as well, in Little Neck on LI.

          1. re: VikLiz

            We got a quote about a month ago from Crest Hollow for a kosher party on a Sunday afternoon for $60 pp—and you A LOT for your money: champagne on arrival, full smorgasbord, full bar, and really a very nice party in a clean, lovely hall. I recommend you check it out.